IATG's Weekly Picks 5.16.15


Having a good group of girlfriends is crucial. Because without my girls, how would I know that I could conquer the world with all my fear as well as be bikini bod ready year round? And having a good group of girls makes me a stronger woman, for better or for worse. Let’s remember to lift each other up.

Princesses & Colouring Books: Linnéa Johansson is a mom combating the Disney princes ideal with two of our favourite things—colouring books and strong women. She was inspired to create the book for young girls when her own five year old daughter didn’t believe princesses could be as strong as princes.

Dukes for Feminism: Let’s debunk all feminist myths for good, shall we? We don’t all burn bras and hate men, okay? Let’s be informed and promote equality above all else.

XX Entrepreneurs: Be informed, be inspired. And have you always had the entrepreneurial gene but were conflicted about the diamond between your legs? Look no further than these inspirations for your journey to change the world.

Beach Body Ready: Do you own a bikini? Do you have a body? Do you want to combine the two? Look no further on reasons how.

Do you know? Because I don’t: We’re in our 20’s, trying to figure out our lives when they don’t match up to Friends or our favorite TV shows. We’re going to be okay. But a reminder is always nice.

Forget why you went to college?: Ever regretted getting your college degree instead of your MRS? Let this phenomenal women remind you why you did. 

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