IATG's Weekly Picks 7.10.15

The amount of good in this world often outweighs the bad, but we frequently only focus on the negative. Like the blasphemous comments Em Ford has been getting on her YouTube channel or how our best friend growing up just got engaged when we’re….nowhere close to that. But at least the Girl Scouts turned down a $100,000 donation because the string attached excluded transgender women. There’s still some good left.


No Makeup Blogger You can’t win being a beauty blogger on Youtube, but it takes a serious set of ovaries and a lot of BAMF points to show off your acne scars and not let the haters take too many hits at your self esteem. We could all take a lesson from Em Ford.

Soccer & The Pay Gap So apparently we FINALLY won the World Cup. The women’s national team took home the trophy and got a spot in a New York parade. But the catch? It was the most viewed sporting event in history and the women’s team prize was significantly less than the men’s national team for merely participating.

$100k Returned So the Girl Scouts recently received a notable donation from a donor that asked it not be used for transgender girls.  But the Girl Scouts didn’t see the validity in that and rejected it on the notion that the foundation was for every girl, no matter what.

How Do I Adult? Sometimes we all need reminders that just because we’re not living the stereotypical American Dream with a white picket fence doesn’t mean we’re not on the right track. We’ll get there... to our own version.

Tiny Island Gets What? The islands of Solomon recently decided to create a new newspaper solely for women and gender equality, which is a huge step for the region, as well as the world, as it’s the first of its kind.  Launching in February, it’s already been a hit on the upward trend.

BAMF Athletes Here are 7 athletic women who are so inspiringly beautiful that it’s mind boggling. They’ve met hardship head on with grace, and they’re the pure definition of an athlete.

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