IATG's Weekly Picks 6.27.15

So many good things are happening in today’s world. From SVU detectives crossing over into real life to sarcastic Norwegian soccer teams, we’ve even got a new campaign going on! The world is a dark place at times, but we’ve got a few pieces to light up your day!


Sergeant Benson At The Ready As many of us know, Mariska Hargitay is a total BAMF, and not just on the small screen. But this time, she has a real life mission-our nation’s back log of rape kits. With a personal stick in this, the backlog is insane and a little disgusting. This is a look at the steps she’s taking to get it down.

Oh, Norway Who would have thought they could be so sarcastic? They created a video highlighting all the sexist misconceptions about women in sports and shot them down. Hard.

Heels and Dinosaurs For some reason, I can’t for the life of me understand why Jurassic Park is so awesome.  But why would you wear heels to run away from one that’s clearly trying to eat you? One woman questions this and takes it up a notch, creating other heroines in “wildly inappropriate shoes”.

YouTube and Bikini Season Ever thought about what it takes to have a bikini body this summer? What do we need exactly? Laci Green, YouTube sensation, takes a look and makes us realize you only need two things: A bikini and a body.

A Year in The Life Sometimes we all need to step back and realize we need a little something extra. We need some more support. And it’s terrifying. But sometimes, a year is all you need to see how much difference one can make.

Dadvertising Father’s Day has come and gone this year but often we forget how much work they can do for us. Several large companies like Dove and Coca-Cola are taking a look at a father’s role-as part of a heteronormative and as part of a homosexual family-in the family dynamic. And it’s heartwarming.

Sponsor A Girl! I Am That Girl is running a new campaign, where you can help sponsor a girl to get access to our mission. Because through fostering quality relationships, we can change the world.  

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