IATG's Weekly Picks 6.20.15


This world is absolutely stunning. And 2015 is off to a phenomenal half way point with sexual violence prevention at the forefront (thanks Angelina!). And with 9 year olds building homeless shelters, is there anything we can’t do? Not unless we stray away from that self motivation track.

The African Summit and Angelina Jolie aren’t a combination I immediately put together. But Jolie is becoming even more of a BAMF than I previously anticipated. She went to the summit recently, bringing the need to focus on and highlight sexual violence around the world, and that we need to prioritize its abhorrent levels around the globe.

Diversity in Doll Form Who knew dolls would be taking over the world? Two sisters are taking an approach to see just how much they can change the world and bring diversity to the forefront from an early age.

Women in Publishing What would happen if a publisher released mostly books by women? What if that’s the only thing they did for an entire year? Well read on here.

Who and Happy  It’s often difficult figuring out how to make ourselves happy. And who we can bring into the equation to further that. This is an easy guide of how summer and a good friend can help.

Orange Is The New Black is one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever seen. And its cast are phenomenal humans contributing to the feminist cause. Here are some ways they continue the good fight off the small screen and away from our Netflix binges.

Kids These Days What to do about homelessness in your city? Take a page out of this 9 year old’s book and get involved. Start building.

Self Motivation That stuff is hard to come by now a days, it seems like. So how and where can we find it? And how can we stay on track?

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