IATG's Weekly Picks 6.12.15


Sometimes, I forget how badass a great community of women can be. Then I take a look at articles like these and remind myself. Because where else would we find Elizabeth shutting down sexism or Ariana Grande sharing an essay on that one question during the holidays we all hate? Good thing we have Spiderman to save the day.

Hollywood’s Gender Problem: Elizabeth Banks recently visited a Los Angeles charter school with a heavy Latino student body with some students voicing concerns about being stuck in stereotypes. It made her reflect on stereotypes in Hollywood and the ever present misrepresentation of women there, across all cultures.

Ariana Grande and Feminism: Ariana Grande recently had an essay go viral about responding to that question we always get-“Is there anyone special in your life?” She shuts down the notion that we belong to anybody but ourselves and why it’s so important we belong to ourselves first before we’re somebody else’s.

Car Crashes and Humility: Ever had one of those days wehre nothing seems to go right? What about two accidents back to back and the perpetrator runs away?  That’s a buzzkill. But what it can teach us is so much more powerful

Mary Ellen Mark: was an amazing photographer who recently passed away. She highlighted parts of the world that not many people care to be aware of. Like human trafficking victims.

Body Hair: Erin Fischer is an amazing photographer who’s creating waves about female body hair. She’s creating a series highlighting women with any form of body hair (armpits, legs, wherever) in hopes of destigmatizing it Even better? She wants a holiday for it on June 8th every year-#bodyhairday

Today’s Superheroes: Recently, there’s been a huge shift towards more representation in the super hero realm, especially for more adequate female heroes. In a New York neighbourhood, some parents are letting their children, no matter what gender, pick whatever hero they want to be, no questions asked. And it all started because a young girl wanted to be Spiderman.


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