IATG's Weekly Picks 5.30.15


Because sometimes we all need reminders about how to handle our love lives at family gatherings, And often, intimacy is more complicated than we care to admit. But at least there’s a girl’s football league in Utah-wait what? Read on.

Love Life Backlash: Ever wondered how to handle the question “So….you’re still single?” at family get togethers? Take a page out of these stunning women’s playbooks and use it to your advantage

Football for Girls?!: Three things you need to know. It’s full on tackle football. It’s a girls only league. And it’s in Utah.

Tumblr keeps getting awesomer: Thank any holy being for keeping Tumblr free and accessible for all. The discussion on most things that go viral is insanely informative, especially for feminism, and that’s for better or for worse. 

Stick Shift, Dodge, and Feminism: Think these three things don’t go together? Think again and drive a truck instead.

Intimacy is complicated: Where do we draw the line between yes and no if it’s not explicitly stated? And what happens if somebody stains it for you?

Global Beauty Trends: Are always tricky. Because what’s considered beautiful in one country may not translate well into another. But what happens when they’re all eerily similar and not in a good way?

Melissa McCarthy and Plus Size Women: Melissa McCarthy is a badass. She takes fat shaming by storm in the most eloquent way possible.


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