IATG's Weekly Picks 5.23.15




Ever questioned how to spot a feminist? Or what toys really make you a scientific female? Look no further than these articles then. You may learn something new along the way too.

How do I spot a feminist?: So hashtags. We all love to make fun of them and use #blessed in daily life. But what about the ugly trending ones like #howtospotafeminist? Can we turn the gnarly and blatantly misguided into something beautiful and informed? Look no further than this hashtag.

#GirlsWithToys: No, this isn’t sexual. This is actually scientific. Confused? SO were we until we saw the guns these women were handling without going to the gym 8 days a week.

Dolls? Seriously?: How much can childhood toys change an industry? Well, for more than 150 million children who live with disabilities and are marginalized in the toy industry, quite a lot acutally. Three mothers, either living with or have children who are living with disabilities, banded together to create dolls to better represent all children, both able bodied and disabled alike.

Arrow For The Win: Ugh. Arrow. Felicity is a BAMF. If you haven’t watched this series on CW, then check it out. Felicity is almost like a modern day Buffy without the vampires.

Modeling with Down Syndrome: Since when are we so afraid of what we do not understand? And why can we not comprehend that difference is just another form of beautiful? Madeline Stuart is an Australian with Down Syndrome who’s challenging the fashion industry and creating awareness that with or without an extra chromosome, you can still rock a fashion spread more than once.

SLUT: The Play: When House of Cards and real life Senators come together, you know it’s something serious. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and House of Cards creator Beau Willimon created a short play following the tales of a 16 year old and her experiences being raped by 3 friends. They debunk the myths that rape isn’t just “boys being boys”. Check this video out-they drop the mic more than once.

Sexism in Hollywood: Melissa McCarthy is an eloquent badass, nothing else can be said. She was recently slammed for her weight. After finding out the reporter had daughters himself, she asked “Would you only validate your daughter if she were pretty?” Boom. 

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