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Confused about which hashtags make you ugly? Or if One Direction was lying when they said you looked more beautiful without makeup? Look no further. 


You Ugly Feminist Why is #FeministsareUgly even a thing?  And why is Twitter still popular? Own your equality. Own your fight.

Body Positivity  Ever have one of those days where you just can’t love your reflection? Here are 9 body positive quotes that’ll remind you that you kick butt and are more than deserving of a positive outlook

Plus Size Appreciation There’s a Rihanna lyric that goes, “I’ve never been a size 10 in my whole life.” But the latest hashtag trend-#plussizeappreciation-is just the beauty reminder hashtag we’ve been looking for.

Slam and Beauty This woman is amazing with her slam poem. She puts some teenage boys on a pedestal and asks them what they look for in a suitable, female partner. And she slams their laundry list expectations with one of her own.

Mara Wilson is a badass who reminds us that we are more than our mental illness, more than the pills we force ourselves to remember to take, and more than a diagnosis. And, more importantly, we are never as alone as we feel in the confines of our illnesses. 

Loretta Lynch The newest attorney general was stalemated for a recorded breaking 165 days, because the Senate wanted to vote on a human trafficking bill instead of ringing her into office as the first African American female to do so. The irony? She’s the most successful lawyer in fighting against pimps and trafficking idiots.

Amy Schumer is my favorite comedian. Her latest satirical music video slams the idea of wanting a natural looking woman instead of one who just rolled out of bed and is feeling herself.

Natalie McGriff A seven year old just won $16,000 in grant money to remind African American women that their natural hair is beautiful. Kinks and all. She turns herself into a superhero with natural hair. You can’t get more badass than that.

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