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We are falling hard for Fall (and we don’t just mean relishing in the return of our favorite TV shows like The Mindy Project and Scandal), but by taking time to take stock of the gifts that come with the changing of the season: cute, new fashion trends, hot pumpkin-laced drinks, Halloween costume-making-hangs, and a renewed commitment to see yourself, to really see yourself, as the amazing, beautyFULL, brave, imperfectly perfect person that you are! This is an ongoing pledge we here at Team IATG make to ourselves and each other every day and that we strive to reflect in the videos, articles, and special series featured on our gorgeous new website. If you have not had the chance to spend time over at iamthatgirl.com, please do! Thanks to the incredibly hard work and ongoing support of Rhonda Pitman and Christel Sayegh, our outstanding tech and design consultants from Magic Plus Logic, we are continuing to refine and develop our site to make sure it remains your go-to destination for inspiration, empowerment, important conversations, and fun!

And speaking of fun, I AM THAT GIRL is bursting with it these days. Here are some highlights:

I AM THAT GIRL: THE BOOK!: That's right! We are over the moon to share the good juju that our co-founder, Alexis Jones, has penned her first book all about speaking your own truth, discovering your innate purpose, and BE-ing THAT GIRL who will change the world. "If ever there were a time for our generation to step up to the plate, to carry the torch of the women who came before us, to wreak havoc, to ask ourselves, 'Why not us?' it's now," says Alexis. As if you didn't have enough incentive to jam on this important read, here's one more: 10% of book profits will go to benefit I AM THAT GIRL! Pre-order your copy HERE! Alexis says: "Our generation is criticized for being the most entitled in history. I think that's the greatest problem we could possibly fave because that means we are a generation of girls who actually think we can change the world. But before we get too big for our britches (as my Texas father would say), we have to humbly recognize Gandhi's powerful advice--we can't just talk about it, tweet about it, or post it on one of our many social media outlets, we have to be it. This book is my attempt to inspire that girl in you: that girl who has the potential to create magic, to ignite change, and to inspire the world." 


Image courtesy of Alexis Jones


YOU + Prizeo + Sophia Bush= Total IATG Awesomeness: We are excited and honored to be part of a Prizeo campaign with one of our most favorite actresses and activists Sophia Bush. You know and love Sophia from her One Tree Hill days, but do you also know that she has been one of IATG's most vocal supporters? Beginning October 14th, Sophia teams up with Prizeo, an incredibly slick enterprise that helps organizations raise funds through celebrity-driven campaigns that give a random, ordinary individual (aka YOU) a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For the cost of a dollar raffle ticket, you can be entered to win a trip to meet Sophia and partake in one of her all-time favorite activities (wait for it): SKYDIVING! Tumbling out of a plane not your thing? (Fair enough, but think of the FB status update! Think of the Instagram!! Kidding..ish) Not to worry, as an alternate experience, you can meet up with Sophia on the set of her new show, Chicago PD to watch her and the amazing cast and crew making television magic! Funds raised will go to help launch new IATG local chapters in cities across the country (maybe in YOUR city). Visit prizeo.com/sophia to get all the details and find out how YOU can have some fun while making a difference in the IATG community!


Image from Philip Veugeler


IATG Goes to BeautyCon: In your hands, beauty is whatever you make it out to be and the people behind BeautyCon provide all the tools you need to explore your fun, funky, fabulous beautyFULL self. BeautyCon is a fashion and beauty summit that brings together top digital industry influencers for a three-day event of panels, networking, shopping, and social opportunities in Los Angeles, California. IATG was proud to be a part of this event with a table where we made literature, stickers, and tee-shirts available and with the help of four IATG “girl ambassadors,” incredible 13-year-old girls who circulated through the event talking with other girls and young women about what it means to BE THAT GIRL. IATG participated in the Content Before Panel with the topic “Haters Gonna Hate-Dealing With Negative Comments” where the amazing Susie Castillo spoke on our behalf. The experience was overwhelmingly positive and uplifting; we’d like to give a special thank-you to Moj Mahdara, the owner of Made With Elastic, an innovative strategic advisory firm, for inviting us to be a hands-on participant in this fantastic and inspired event!


IATG Girl Ambassadors at BeautyCon. Image courtesy of Julianna Reed


Get Psyched for International Day of the Girl, October 11: In 2011 The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to declare October 11 the International Day of the Girl Child in an effort to recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls around the world encounter. The day is both a call to action and an attempt to focus attention on creating lasting change to empower girls and ensure their basic human rights are fulfilled. We LOVE the International Day of the Girl because we live the principles of this mission every day. This year’s theme is “Innovating for Girls’ Education.” Knowledge is power and girls’ access to education, technology, mentor relationships, and partnerships can make the difference between a life unbound by opportunity and one restricted by ignorance. Check your local news outlets for hometown organizations such as your local Boys and Girls Club or Girl Scouts of America that are hosting events or opportunities to get involved and help make a difference on this important day. You can also rally a group of gal (and guy) besties and create your own activity to help change a girls' future on this important day: host an educational book drive, volunteer at an after-school reading or study program, or check out an amazing organization like Pencils of Promise that helps build schools in developing nations and lend some support. There is no wrong way to mark the day! And as always, we'll be hosting our own kind of call to awareness and involvement right here on our site, so be sure to check in!


Image from www.plan.org.au

Thanks for reading, supporting, and for being one amazing, beautyFULL community of girls and women changing the world! Stick around on our site to check out more from the Blog and more of our features like THAT GIRL/THAT GUY, THAT GIRL SPEAKS, and THAT GIRL ROCKS!






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