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November announces the start of the holiday season when calendars start to bulge with social engagements and hectic “to do” lists. More than just the gateway to retail insanity, November is the time of year when we, ideally, gear up for a healthy stretch devoted to reflection and connection; it’s a time of year that urges us to slow down, take stock, and practice more mindful giving—both to ourselves and to others. “Give” and “gratitude” are two of our favorite words as you’ll find out from our fantastic Prizeo fundraising campaign with Sophia Bush, our participation in the ESPNw Summit, and in our super fun November #THATgratitudeGIRL challenge!

BEST Campaign EVER!: It’s not too late to get involved in our amazing fundraising campaign with Prizeo and Sophia Bush. YOU can win the chance to SKYDIVE with Sophia! Imagine that status update. Free falling not your thing? No worries, you can choose to hang out with Sophia on the set of her new show, Chicago PD instead. Funds raised from this campaign will go to build more than 50 IATG Local Chapters. All you have to do is donate to the campaign and you will be entered for a chance to win! AND you can get some other cool prizes depending on how much you choose to donate – an exclusive t-shirt, a signed photo from Sophia, even a phone call, to name a few! Donations start at just $10. Help grow IATG, get to meet one of Hollywood’s most fantastic stars—it’s a win-win for everyone!

AND Claire’s Inc. has so generously agreed to match every dollar of donations up to Sophia’s $75k goal, which means your donation will have DOUBLE the impact. We couldn’t be more thrilled! Visit Prizeo.com/Sophia to learn more and to enter.


Image from prizeo.com/sophia

IATG at the ESPNw Summit: For the past three years, the world’s most innovative thought leaders have gathered to raise the bar in their commitment to create change and opportunity for women in sports. Our Co-Founder Emily Greener took part in this amazing summit as part of an interactive panel discussion titled “Female-focused Non-Profits: Making an Impact.” Moderated by National Soccer Hall of Famer and ESPN commentator Julie Foudy and including Kathryn Olsen, CEO Women’s Sports Foundation, Marlene Bjornsrud, CEO Bawsi, and Katie Kotkins of Cycle for Survival, the panel conducted a discussion around the roles of their organizations in impacting women both inside and outside of sports. “I continue to be shocked at how empowering it is to sit alongside others who are doing amazing things and completely have each other’s backs,” said Emily. “At an event filled with people in competitive sports, all I felt was collaboration.” 


Image courtesy Emily Greener

#THATgratitudeGIRL Challenge!: This November we're calling on YOU to show us your gratitude, to broadcast your "I'm super thankful fors," to let the world know who or what makes you feel fortunate from roots to boots. It's super simple and will fill you with so much ooey gooey smiley goodness: Each Thursday take a minute (or more) out of your day to reflect on a point of gratitude, share it on your Twitter, Instagram, or social of choice using the designation #THATgratefulGIRL, and inspire others. That's it! We'll be highlighting and sharing the love on our social so be on the lookout and have fun!


Image from fatyouthguy.com

Celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child: October 11 marked the International Day of the Girl Child with this year’s focus on empowering girls through education. IATG celebrated with a power up slumber party of amazing women who came together to share their visions for a world made bold by smart, capable, empowered women free to create, collaborate, and contribute without restriction, without retribution for their gender. The evening was a fun and inspired lead-in to watching a group Google Hangout in the wee hours of the morning hosted by UNICEF.


Image courtesy Emily Greener

That's all for now! Be sure to stick around and check out our latest features on THAT GIRL SPEAKS, THAT GIRL/GUY, and all the outstanding and inspiring articles from our roster of IATG contributors over on the IATG Blog.

Stay #beautyFULL, all!




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