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This month it's all about giving the love to our Local Chapters AND the great activities they're doing to build fellowship and awareness. Here is the always AHmazing Director of Local, Kate Poppe, on what makes chapter activities unique:

Our local chapters are these amazing communities where girls can talk face-to-face with each other. The chapter members agree to be real, honest, and vulnerable in their conversations so they can really connect with one another. In the process they learn to love and appreciate themselves. We've found when our chapters incorporate activities in addition to the conversations they have, the members identify more with the topics - it often makes the topics more relevant to them. Doing fun things in and out of the meet-ups - paint nights, 5k runs, writing exercises - gives girls the opportunity to connect with themselves and each other, something we think is priceless.

Check out what some of our Local Chapters have been up to this year! Energized to join a chapter? Inspired to START a chapter? Head on over to IATG Local to get all the deets or email Kate, kate@iamthatgirl.com. #ROCKTHISWORLD

Amber Saville, IATG:HRM (Halifax Regional Municipality):

Inspiration. Nervousness. Excitement.

All words that describe how I feel as I approach the May 14th launch of IATG:HRM.

Inspiration because I know that there are many amazingly awesome girls and young women here in Halifax, NS, Canada. And I'm darn lucky to know a handful of them! They've equipped me with so many ideas, encouragement, and support from kind words to actually offering to help me advertise for the launch.

Nervousness. Because I've never done anything like this before. Nervousness also because I know I am still working on my own issues that stem from self doubt. But I think that by setting out to inspire other girls to turn their self-doubt into self-love, I likely will be able to as well.

Excitement. Excitement because I can already imagine the first meeting, the first service project, and the friendships and supports we will all make. The gears of creativity are turning in my head as we speak. I see a poetry slam and open mic, as well as various service projects, and maybe a "ditch the scale" event on our horizon.

Not once have I doubted myself in this. And that's a biggie for me. To be able to take on a project and know deep in my heart that I am going to make this happen is a real milestone for me. So with that I am happy to announce that IATG:HRM will be launching at Just US! Coffeehouse in Halifax, NS, Canada on May 14th at 5:30 p.m!


Samantha Garguilo, Co-Leader, Adelphi University (NY):

My name is Samantha Garguilo and I am a co-leader of the Adelphi University Local Chapter on Long Island. One of my most memorable moments for our chapter was when we hosted Alexis Jones during Women’s Recognition Month for a lecture for our
campus. Our I Am That Girl lecture was amazing; we were able to collaborate with the Student Government, the Gender Studies department, the Panhellenic Council, as well as many other areas of our campus. Alexis was so well received by everyone who attended got a chance to speak with her during a book signing afterwards. We were able to keep the conversations going after the event within our chapter. We were happy to have her come to our campus and work we such amazing organizations to promote the event and get the message of I Am That Girl out there and show why as a chapter we are so passionate about the work that the organization is doing.


Image courtesy Meghan Cerrone

Nina Bidwai, IATG West Virginia University Chapter:

During our very first IATG meeting, we all began by saying "I am a badass because..." Not only did it give every girl a chance to share an uplifting story, we also had the chance to discuss them individually. Every girl opened her eyes to the unique struggles others have faced. At the end of the meeting, it was like a new and rekindled understanding was born. I realized that patience and understanding is the answer; to chill out and not take things so personally. It was the first meeting, but it set us on fire!

Alli Lindenberg, Elon University's IATG Chapter:
Hi! My name is Alli Lindenberg and I am a chapter leader for Elon University's IATG local chapter! We just established ourselves as a club this past fall, so it has been a year full of firsts. :) 
From service projects to music videos promoting healthy media, it has been a wonderful year. The most meaningful event we had this year was definitely our share worthy meeting. This was the first joint chapter meeting I have ever participated in, and I think that was the most inspiring part of the meet up. The ladies of the IATG Greensboro chapter joined the Elon chapter at our lovely advisor's house. It was really awesome to see two chapters that had never interacted before come together and share such meaningful conversation. Every person brought a picture, song, story, or quote that was meaningful to them and then we shared with each other. It was amazing to see the instant connections that formed from simply being vulnerable with one another. It was also really cool to have our advisor there and hear her perspective. After that meeting, I remember feeling so grateful to be a part of an organization that reaches beyond age barriers and geographic distance. We truly are all connected in this movement!
Image courtesy Kelly McKinney
Shannon Gardner & Emma Couch, Co-Leaders, The Ohio State University Chapter:
One of our favorite local chapter events was just a couple weeks ago, when some of us went to our local Claire's store at Easton Mall in Columbus OH! We had gotten together earlier in the week to make colorful, inspirational cards with our favorite inspirational quotes and our contact information. We stood in front of Claire's and passed them out to women and girls of all ages, from little girls to elderly women. We also hid some throughout the story for people to find! We especially loved seeing the reactions of young girls, who would grab their parents attention with a big smile and share the card with them.
We would like to go back next semester even more prepared, with a sign and maybe prepare a talk about what IATG means to us. For our first time though, it was pretty fabulous to spread the light of our organization with the city of Columbus.




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