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At IATG we really believe that when girls and women work together, collaborate in productive and supportive ways, anything and EVERYTHING is possible. Women's History Month is a great reminder that women's accomplishments--from Rosa Parks taking a stand against racial discrimination, to Sally Ride becoming the first American woman in space, to Malala Yousafzai courageously fighting for girls' education rights, and Sonia Sotomayor serving as the first Hispanic justice on the U.S. Supreme Court--result from us all making our voices heard. Every day some girl somewhere rocks her brave, shows her fearlessness, stands in her own shoes and helps inspire someone else to do the same. That is the legacy of women's history: each girl making her own contribution to better the world in her own, authentic way, regardless of whether she stands on a world stage, behind home plate, or in front of a classroom. We wanted to celebrate the girls in our lives that fuel and inspire us to discover, express, and BE who we really are by asking the IATG Team: Tell us about a girl in your life who rocks.

Alyssa Hawkinson, IATG Senior Intern

My friend Fanny ROCKS! Fanny and I are prime examples of the "opposites attract" theory. She loves following rules and guidelines, while I like making up my own. She adores puzzles, data entry projects, anything that requires you to sit and focus on the same thing for any amount of time, and I like to be on my feet and get really impatient for results! She is in love with romantic lovey-dovey movies- I'm in love with documentaries and films that make political and cultural statements, But this girl is a forever-sister-friend. Zero question about it at all- our kids will know each other well. In all of our habits and hobbies we could not be more different- but there are so many things about her that I admire and would love to be able to emulate. Her creativity and resourcefulness is out of this world. If you go camping with this girl and (for some ridiculous reason) all you brought was a paperclip and a roll of paper towels, you'll be taken care of. She can jimmy-rig anything. She has one of the most incredible photographic memories ever so you'll never be lost and you will never lose anything. She has this incredible undefeatable spirit- yeah she gets knocked down sometimes just like we all do, but she gets back up and running and she gets further and further before being knocked down again every time. She's stupid brave (that's a compliment, people!) She lives her life without interruption, even though she is often having to battle fears and doubts within herself to do so. She's honest and loyal and goofy and brilliant and inspiring and beautiful and I couldn't be more proud to call her one of my dearest friends.



Sheila Moeschen, IATG Senior Editor

My high school English teacher, mentor, and second mother, Maryrita Melone ROCKS! We all heard the whispered rumors in school, "Ms. Melone is HARD! She is one tough teacher." And it turns out the rumors were true, but I was a wordnerd from early on and it hardly mattered to me. I loved her class, not only for the worlds it opened for me from Greek mythology to Shakespeare to life in Harper Lee's Maycomb Alabama, but for how it unlocked a lot of my own potential as a writer and thinker. And I had never met a woman like Maryrita before: she was a mom, but she was such a cool mom! She had kept her maiden name as a professional (mind=blown), and, I later came to find out, she was an extremely talented artist in her own right. Maryrita and I grew quite close over the course of my high school years and have stayed bonded in the time that's followed. Through all the twists and turns that my life has taken, her support, belief, and pride in me has never unwavered. She has listened to me pour my heart out over relationship disasters, cheered me on through periods of career distress, and given me gentle, smart, and sometimes hard truths to help me grow. She is resilient and generous, beautyFULL, and whip smart and I wake up every day in slight disbelief that I could be so lucky to have someone so amazing in my life!




Juli Reed, Jackie of All Trades

A girl in my life that rocks, is my childhood friend Chrissy Speer. We have a dynamic friendship that has grown through awkward and angsty teenage stages, the inevitable life lessons of our twenties into our more confident and surprisingly transitional thirties.

Through it all she has remained someone that I could continuously count on for sound advice, a compassionate voice and a good time, usually accompanied by a margarita or two. Our friendship is a great one - one that is lined with late nights and laughter...is there really any other kind worth having for 15+ years?!
To make it even sweeter, she is someone that I have looked up to, as she continues to inspire me. She has chosen what society would deem an "unconventional" path. For the last 10 years she was a wild land fire fighter in southern California. Oh yeah, you read that right, she was one badass fire fighter. To say it was a fun way to introduce her to others, would be an understatement.  It was always so fun to watch the reaction on someone's face as they were introduced to this beautiful, tall, intelligent, nails painted, hair always cute, super feminine girl and say, "This is my friend Chirssy, she's a fire fighter!" The social stereotypes instantly shattered, showering the scene like fresh ash! Girls that looked like here weren't fire fighters...were they?!
Yes, yes they are!

Even more impressive was how Chrissy rose through the ranks in a male dominated world, where she learned quickly that she didn't want to be given any special treatment or passes because of her gender. She proved that she was just as capable, just as passionate and just as determined as the guy standing beside her. She was respected and genuinely found camaraderie amongst her peers.

As badass as this all is, the most courageous thing I have seen her do, is quit. A couple of months ago, in the heat of another fire season, she realized that her chosen career no longer fed her like it use to. She appreciated the experience, the incredible life lessons and long term friendships, but she was done. It no longer ignited the same passion as it once did, and she was ready to hang up her boots and move on to the next chapter. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't an easy choice for her by any means. The doubts, the fear of regret or what her loved ones might think, the uncertainty of what the next step would be, all of it was daunting. She took the leap anyway, and to my knowledge, hasn't looked back.
It hasn't been a perfectly smooth transition, what transitions are?! But she is doing it! She is now apprenticing under two awesome interior designers in Los Angeles, while working a part time job to help make it all work. That's three jobs! Three jobs that each day she gets up and gives them her all - her heart, drive, skill and unshakable work ethic. The way she tells it to me, she is happy and excited for the possibility of the future. All the while always making time to take a spin class with me, try her hand at yoga for the first time or meet me for a margarita...or three!

So now, amongst the other long list of attributes I can draw from, when introducing her I can say, "Meet my friend Chirssy, a fire fighter turned aspiring interior designer, how's that for badass?!"

Chrissy is a girl that rocks because she is a reminder, no, an inspiration, that we are ever changing, ever growing. It's never too late to try something new, and the fear of change is never greater than the disappointment of never knowing or not growing.

I'm excited to know her for the next 15+ years, pretty sure it is going to be epic!


Kate Poppe, Director IATG Local

My best friend Darcey is THAT GIRL and she rocks because she comes to the world with such a presence of grace and gratitude. She has this amazing way of making the person she's with - me, the guy at the coffee shop, or the new girl in the office - feel like the most important person in the world in that moment. She's not without her own struggles, but she learns mighty lessons from the experiences she has and uses them to move forward into the future. I've learned so much from her and deeply value the friendship we have.


Image courtesy Sefton Ipock


Emily Greener, IATG Co-Founder

My best friend Brittany Hammer is THAT GIRL and she rocks for a million reasons. We've known each other since we were 12 years old and she's loved, accepted and been there for me no matter what, through it all. She's one of those people who makes me smile from the inside out just at the thought of her. I've watched her handle adversity and pain with such grace and strength and I admire her so much for that. She knows what matters in life and lives it out loud. There's literally nothing I can't tell her. She's a ball of love with a huge heart and beautiful soul. Here's to the next 18 years of friendship Britt! I love you so much.




Who is a girl in YOUR life that rocks? Tell us about her here or share the love on Facebook and let her (and the world) know SHE ROCKS! #thatgirlROCKS






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