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Happy New Year IATG Nation! In the same way that the start of September makes us crave kicky new notebooks and super cute desk supplies, January gives us the urge to make fresh starts, turn over new leaves, and greet a shiny new year with energy and optimism. In December we got a jump on the energy part of things with our IATG Team retreat. Our core team came together for several days of fun, dialogue, and important goal-setting and strategy-building sessions, which you’ll begin to see take root in the next several months. Stay tuned!


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For many people a new year means hauling out the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions: a practice of making promises to improve, enhance, totally 2.0 every aspect of our lives (health, money, success, love, school, style, time etc…) with truly the best of intentions only to stumble, trip, and fall flat on our faces in failure by week two. Gross. That’s no way to set yourself up for 365 days of fabulous, is it? Take the resolution pressure off with these three alternatives to help you manifest your goals and aims in ways that are healthier, more realistic, and a lot more fun!

heart4.pngChoose a Theme: One Word Will Change Your Life by Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, and Jon Gordon offers a cool and inspirational way to change your mindset about goal setting.  The concept is simple: focusing on one word can help guide your intentions. Pick a word (“love”), a concept (“more time for me”), or an overarching theme (“play”) and find creative ways to keep that word in the fore of all you do. Instagram, vision boards, Pinterest, and art journals are all great resources to make your theme/word take center stage.  

heart4.pngAffirm Instead of Resolve: Resolutions pitch us headlong into a super dreamy future: “I will…” or “I’m going to…” As we all know, such persistent forward thinking can be its own kind of exhaustion and make you less likely to follow through on your plan of action. Moreover, resolutions implicitly involve changing a negative into a positive (again, in the future), which squares your attention around lack, flaw, and the thing that makes you feel “less than.” Affirmations insist your attention is both on the positive and on the here and now. Take serious note of what you have, what makes you happy, what fills you up and fuels you right now. One prompt to get you started: Write “What do I love?” on any sheet of paper and start writing without censoring, without thinking too hard, but keeping your thoughts aimed at the present. As Buddhist author and teacher Pema Chodron says: “Start where you are.”

heart4.pngMake a Contract…With Yourself: Relationship and lifestyle writer Amy Chan talks about taking this approach where she focuses on expanding every day behaviors that make a personal impact in order to grow and evolve as an individual. What a great way to dig into the new year by showing yourself love, kindness, and compassion!

Do you have a new year ritual that orientates you toward happiness and self-health each January? Tell us about it! Or try one of these and let us know how it’s going here, on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!


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