IATG Beantown Chapter Making Headlines, Kicking Booty!

From the IATG Team

The expression "boots on the ground" may have its roots in military history, but its association with being mobilized, being fully energized and ready to take action, with being, well, what women are best at, which is DOING, is a great way to describe our phenomenal IATG local chapters. With chapters creeping into nearly every corner of the country, not to mention the world (welcome Capetown South Africa!) and mentored by the amazing and truly fabulista Ms. Kate Poppe, the IATG nation is promising to be a force fueled of the most mightiest change agents the world has seen. (Hint: That would be YOU!)

Today we want to give a special shout out to our Boston-based IATG chapter, spearheaded by IATG contributor and Boston College graduating senior, Abbey Clark along with Erica Ludlow, and Daniela Nazarian. This IATG chapter recently earned full Registered Student Organization Status, which increases their reach and influence on campus and in the greater Boston community. You can read all about the chapter's initiatives as well as how to get more involved if you are a young woman in Boston looking to make some new connections and make a difference in this fantastic article published by the BC Heights student paper. Congrats to Abbey and ALL OUR AMAZING CHAPTER LEADERS AND MEMBERS on a great kick-off to an outstanding year!

Want to find a local chapter? Want to START a local chapter? Send a shout out to Kate Poppe: kate@iamthatgirl.com, IATG Local Chapter Coordinator (and all around supremely awesome individual) to get connected, have fun, and get those fabulous boots on the ground in your town!


Image by Alex Gaynor/BC Heights Editor


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