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By: Sheila Moeschen, IATG Senior Editor

It is the height of wordnerd-dom to crush on a prefix. You know, those tiny little letters affixed to the front of a word that gives it loving shove? As I watched, flummoxed and thrilled at the tiny, brave green shoots of crocuses in my yard insistently make their presence known despite the hard packed ground, the layers of wet leaves, the wooly blanket of snow, a freight train of “re’s” chugged through my mind: rebirth, renewal, recharge, refresh, regenerate, restore. “Re” denotes repetition, recycling (it’s one of those graceful, nearly self-contained word accessories, a guaranteed SAT verbal section win). Again, again, it says in the dictionary under “re,” and I hear it like that, a sibilant urgency, a giggling, breathless form of YES when I see these words and feel the earth unspooling from her long, long, oh-dear-LORD-it’s-been-so-long, winter’s snooze.


Here are some ways you can think about cozying up to “re” and making the most of a new season and the sweet start to springtime and beyond.

Recharge: I know social calendars tend to bend to bursting in the spring with all kinds of fun engagements and activities: graduations, weddings, showers, early BBQ parties, and baseball games. But it’s important to take time for YOU so that you have time to give to others. Carve out quiet time where you can de-tech and detach from your daily schedule to refill those energy stores.

Recycle: April marks Earth Day, though, every day counts as a great day to be kind to the planet. Renew your commitment to a recycling mindset, not just in the waste you discard, but in the products or materials you can use and reuse. When you make a conscious effort to connect to your organic surroundings, (your street, your yard, your favorite green spaces, your beaches and oceans) you also demonstrate self-compassion and self-respect. And that’s as beautyFULL as it gets!

Refresh: It’s not just a way to update your Facebook news feed. Refreshing some aspect of your life is a way to change perspective, increase energy, and boost happiness. And it doesn’t take much! Choose at least one aspect you’d like to refresh (print and frame those insta-pics to brighten your space, join a hiking meet-up group, rock that audacious nail polish color) and get creative and have fun making change work for you.

Reorganize: I am a sucker for pretty storage boxes, for bright, colorful file folders, or for a pack of new, wooden hangers. Reorganizing your space is a great way to usher in the new season. Tackle the dreaded upstairs closet, dig deep into the back of your desk drawer, or grab your besties and throw a massive wardrobe clean-out party.

Renew: Sometimes the best boosts happen when you simply begin again. Perhaps you’ve let a friendship lapse, perhaps you used to mess around recording digital samples for fun, for parties, but for some reason you stopped. Maybe you want to get to know your spiritual faith again. Renewal is a potent gift. It is a way of declaring your consciousness, your awareness of the way YOU impact the world around you.

Got another fab “re” term to share as we dive into spring? Tell us all about it and spark some great conversation!


 Featured image courtesy Sheila Moeschen



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