I'm Not Bossy, I'm The Boss

By Jolie Brownell, IATG ContributorJune 7, 2016


I’ve always been told that I’ve been a little bossy and on some occasions, even too bossy. But honestly, when it comes to my life, I hope I’m bossy about it. Not in a way that disrespects others and makes me seem better than everyone else, but bossy in a sense that I take charge of my life and demand the respect that I deserve.

A while back I read a quote somewhere, and even though I can’t remember the exact words, it went something like this: take charge of your dreams or you’ll only end up working for someone else's dream. This hit me pretty hard. It made me wonder just how much time I had wasted trying to become what everyone else needed me to be instead of being true to myself. I wondered how many paths I could have taken if I weren’t so afraid of not fulfilling the image people saw of me.

I just kept thinking and thinking until I stopped and decided that I wasn't going to let this happen anymore. I wasn’t going to let others dictate what I did with my life. I wasn’t going to let others peer-pressure me into following the crowd when I was born to stand out. I was done saying no to my dreams in order to say yes to the acceptance of others. I was done keeping my passions silent when my heart was pounding to pursue them. I was done, done, DONE!

So what did I do? I became the boss.

I decided who I was and accepted the fact that I was a beautiful work in progress. I decided who had a right to be in my life and left those who were no good for me. I took charge of my dreams and decided to never let them go no matter what others said. I listened to my heart in order to determine what was best for me and silenced what society had to say about me. I became the boss of my own life and have been running this business ever since!

So yes, I may be a little bossy, but the good kind...and I hope that my confident voice and determined actions don’t scare you away, but allow you to arise with me and take charge of your own life.

You got this my friend!

Don’t go looking outward to see what steps to take. Listen within and let your soul guide you. Don’t go out looking for validation, find it within. For everything you search for you will one day realize has been in your possession your whole life. Plus, you don’t need to please everyone else. It’s not your job. So don’t go out there looking to work for someone else, when you’re guaranteed the best position of a boss!

The best investment you can make is in yourself. You can afford it, I promise!! 

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How are you the boss of your life? Today’s the day to take charge! Walk with confidence, speak your mind, and do what’s best for YOU.


About Jolie:


Jolie is a passionate teenage I AM THAT GIRL Chapter leader in Beaverton, Oregon. She, like many other girls, is sick of society making her feel inadequate and unheard, so has made it her goal to change the norms of this world and help create a new norm where girls are encouraged, heard, and accepted!

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