When was the last time you had an honest conversation about what it means to be a true friend?

When was the last time you dug deep and shared your thoughts about beauty and body image?

When was the last time you got together with your besties, got really real, and talkedtalkedtalked about the big questions, the hard stuff that matters?

Words can change the world. They can lift us up and give us the power to be unstoppable; so let's use them wisely. This summer, we’re excited to launch “WORDS,” an amazing campaign designed to get you connecting, chatting, and making some super sweet memories in the process!

Six weeks, six smokin topics, and tons of ways to have the kinds of conversations that will make you think, laugh, and cry (the “Holy cow, so true!!” kind of cry, not, you know, watching The Fault in Our Stars for the fifth time type of tears). To get started, download the Conversation Kit HERE for free.

A new word will be featured each Tuesday along with a video of a girl asked to tell a story about someone in her life who embodies or signifies that specific word. The topics touched upon by these powerful stories include friendship, bullying, insecurity, and dealing with eating disorders. A downloadable conversation kit accompanies each video, which girls can use to springboard conversations and connect through activities. Girls can keep the conversations going online by tagging that girl in their life and posting their discoveries using a hashtag designated with each video. Check out Avery's video and hear her powerful story.

“Girls spend a lot of time being someone they think they are supposed to be, breaking each other down, and having conversations that harm their perception of themselves and their community,” explains Emily Greener, co-founder of I AM THAT GIRL. “So, we created this six-week program to start conversations that matter between girls in an effort to help them discover that they are not alone in their fears, doubts, and insecurities, to give them an opportunity to celebrate each other, and, ultimately, to increase their self-worth.”

Are you with us? YES! Text your girls there’s a meet-up they won’t want to miss and get ready for your summer to rock a bit harder!





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