I Am Not My Past

By: Valeria Rigo, IATG ContributorJuly 19, 2016


Last week, I was looking for an old message on Facebook, but when I began scrolling through, I was shocked. I was amazed by the amount of insults I got when I was younger. As I reread them, I discovered that some of them were the most disturbing comments I’d ever read. It’s strange that I didn’t remember them; it looks like my brain had kindly chosen to forget those things. However, now they were back.

They are now present every morning when I look at myself in the mirror. I think I’m fat even though I’ve lost 50 pounds. The thought is present as soon as I enter a room of strangers. I just assume everyone hates me, even though they don’t know me. I believe no one will ever want to be my friend, let alone my date.

My past is like a big, great backpack I carry everywhere I go.

Whether I like it or not, it’s there. It’s part of me, of how I feel, talk, walk, love, and relate to others. And perhaps I could spend the rest of my days mourning over it while listening to Radiohead and eating cheesecake, but you know what? I’m choosing not to. I’m claiming independence from my past.

I’m a different human being than the 13 year old girl who got those messages. My body has changed. My mind has changed. My past has passed, and now I’ve got my present. I’m throwing the backpack away and replacing it with a stylish purse to carry all the new things life has to give me. New friends, new experiences.

And even if things get hard again, here’s the silver lining: I’m strong enough. I’ve been strong enough to deal with it all, to overcome the failures, the heartbreaks, the hate, the loneliness.

And so are you! Be independent from your past, girl, because if you are here, now, it means that you’ve been strong enough to deal with whatever happened and whatever life can bring you.


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The past can be tough, but you are so much tougher! Take some time today to celebrate just how far you’ve come!

About Valeria:

unnamed.jpgValeria is an Argentinian girl who loves writing, dancing, making people laugh, and traveling. She is studying Global Business at university she always has something to say!


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