How I Beat Embarrassment

By: Jenny Assaf, Regular Contributor

Freshman year was full of countless embarrassing moments, but one was significantly memorable during my first week of high school. I decided to ambitiously sit outside in the outdoor garden where most upperclassmen sat during breaks. I knew it would be intimidating to be surrounded by juniors and seniors, but I was so curious as to why the garden was made up as such a great deal. As I walked outside with a group of my friends, we decided to sit at the first table closest to the door to avoid awkward table searching. As we got settled down and began sparking conversation, I noticed that the senior boys were playing football, tossing the ball directly over our heads. My friends seemed to ignore it, so I tried to do the same, but I was definitely distracted.

As minutes passed and conversations continued, I turned my head to check out the football game one last time. As I moved my head over my left shoulder, I felt a strong force hit me right on the cheek. It was the football; the scariest senior boy meant to throw it to his friend but it hit my face instead. As my face began to numb and I held in my tears, I looked at my friends for sympathy. Unfortunately, they had been too invested in our conversation that they did not notice the accident. The senior boy genuinely apologized for his terrible aim, but what I was most embarrassed about was that none of my friends had noticed.

I was frozen, speechless, and confused. After I could finally comprehend what had just happened, I tapped one of my friends on the back to show them my face, and they were shocked! It was bright red and puffy. Immediately following everyone comforted me, and told me one day I will look back on this embarrassing event and laugh about it. I didn’t believe them and thought the embarrassment would last the rest of my high school years.


As I told the story more and more to friends and family, I began to accept what happened and realized it was not as bad as I made it up to be. Really, how ironic was it that I experienced an embarrassing incident with the one senior boy I found most intimidating?

The more I told the story the more I came to a mends with the situation. I still laugh about the irony and now I handled the accident. Laughing helped me completely overcome embarrassment. In high school you’ve got to have some embarrassing freshman story, and this was mine.

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About Jenny

jenny_a.jpgJenny is a 17-year-old high school student based in San Francisco, CA. She has always had a passion for fashion design and illustration, and dreams of pursuing fashion in college and the future. Currently, Jenny is working sewing together an 8-piece collection for Spring 2016 and starting a fashion lifestyle blog! Other than fashion, Jenny loves being surrounded by many friends and family.



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