Hooked on Catfish: Why Nev Schulman is Not Your Average TV Host

By: Abbey Lyn Clark, Regular Contributor




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“Hi, I’m Nev…”

If you have ever watched MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show, you can probably recall the opening credits that bring Nev Schulman’s voice into your living room every Tuesday evening. When I first started telling people about this awesome documentary that I watched titled Catfish, my friends started to tease me about my enthusiasm and fascination with Nev Schulman’s online romance gone rogue. Most people thought it was a cool story, but a “one-time thing.” Most of my friends couldn’t personally relate to the story, so they dismissed my eagerness to tell them about Nev’s experience. Like I could personally relate? I started to wonder; I have never been involved in an online relationship, but how come I find Nev’s story so captivating?

I think Catfish: The TV Show has given me an answer to my begging question. While Nev’s story is certainly unique, (no spoilers, you have to see for yourself), the TV show gives other people from all walks of life an opportunity to tell their story. People that are involved in online romances often get pigeon holed into stereotypes: either uneducated or dangerous. While this may be true for the people who end up on To Catch A Predator, it is not the case for all people.  Some people who are Catfish are harmless, but are in need of some professional help or even a hug: Nev tries to help them. For both the person finding out if their significant online-other is a Catfish and the person on the other side of the keyboard, MTV gives both parties an opportunity to find out the truth. However, it’s more than the grand reveal that keeps me watching every week.

Nev Schulman was meant to host this show. I think it’s so rare to watch someone on TV today who has lived through what he is helping people through. He and Max are pretty amusing, but more than that, they truly care for the people they help. Nev believes in even the Catfish and gives them pretty awesome advice. He’s not a licensed professional, but he provides people peace of mind, perhaps the greatest kind of therapy available. Nev and Max even go through the trouble of checking in on people’s situations post-reveal. Furthermore, Nev is an ally of women and appears to be one of the most open-minded people on this planet. Follow him on Twitter and you’ll understand.

Nev may be a hopeless romantic who is off the market, but he’s an inspiration that has seemed to overcome a lot in his own life. It may be silly to say that hosting a TV show is someone’s destiny, but it’s so much more than just a TV show. These are real people, real love stories, and real emotions at stake. I have decided why I shamelessly tune in every week to watch Catfish: it is to watch human beings share compassion for each other and find themselves. Every experience brings us closer and closer to what we are meant to do in life. Lucky for Nev, he has already found it.

About Abbey: Abbey Clark is a rising senior majoring in English and Human Development at Boston College. Along with being the I AM THAT GIRL local chapter leader at BC, she is also a yoga instructor and the co-president of her all female a cappella group: The BC Sharps. She loves spending time with her friends & family, baking, and traveling. She is an advocate of healthy living, real beauty, and is so proud to be part of such a beautiful organization that is changing the world for women and girls!




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