Hey Grads! Make The Most Of Every Minute

By Jen Fine, IATG ContributorMay 16, 2016


Yesterday I scrolled through my Timehop only to realize that exactly three years ago I had taken the completely unnecessary and seemingly disastrous placement tests required to officially enroll in classes at my University. Today, I woke up and enrolled in classes for my senior year of college.

To think that, in what feels like the blink of an eye, I have gone from a senior in high school deciding what color dress I should wear to prom (the answer was obviously black) to an almost undergraduate senior deciding where I should apply for graduate school is terrifying to say the least.

Through all of the crazy nights spent laughing about who knows what, all of the Saturday morning coffee and cuddles with my friends after a long Friday night out, and all of the random connections made with the people sitting next to me in lecture, I never could actually fathom that this experience would come to an end so soon.

While it may not be over just yet and I still have a year and a summer left to explore every last thing about my campus and my young, wild, and free self, I can’t help but keep in the back of my mind just how fast time flies. Whether that be with high school, an internship, a college experience, or even something as simple as spring break, the clock is always running, and our time in one place or another is always coming to an end.

So what? Why does any of this matter? The answer is simple: every single one of us will face the idea of an ending, of some imminent move or shift that has the power to turn our whole lives upside down (and not necessarily in a bad way). So how do we fix this? How do we slow down time? Unfortunately, we can’t.

There is no re-do button, no DVD playing all of our most incredible memories on loop, allowing us to press pause and stay in that moment for just a little bit longer. There is only right now. There is only today.

Making the most of every moment is not just a surefire way to be positive and productive individuals who wholeheartedly embrace the moment we currently find ourselves in, but also the best way to find out what we want in life and let go of the things we don’t. Each and every second we are given is precious, and there is no use in wasting even a single second feeling regretful or unhappy.

Time is flying, and we are constantly being forced to think about and plan out our next steps, our impending futures. So today, let’s just live in the now a little bit longer, forget about the exam and the job search. Today will never happen again, and that thought alone is a game changer.

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How do you choose to live in the moment? What can you do today to enjoy the moment a little more? Grab some girls and go out to take advantage of today!

About Jen:


Jen is currently a junior majoring in Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She enjoys all things sarcastic, obsessing over the New York Rangers, and is a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee fanatic. Feel free to check out her personal blog at jenfine.wordpress.com for more!

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