Here’s To New Beginnings


It never fails to surprise me how many people are drawn to Los Angeles for the beautiful weather, and perhaps the beautiful people. Hollywood is a place of opportunity, palm trees, and the ultimate late-night Thai food. As a Southern California native, I take a great deal of pride in meeting new �transplants� and wishing these newcomers much success in establishing a new community for both work and play. I had never really been on the receiving end of such well wishes, until now.

A little over a month ago, I decided to make a move about 40 miles up the 405 freeway. It was a new county and a new neighborhood, but geographically easily within reach of my closest family and friends. The chaos and exhilaration that comes with packing, furniture shopping, and restaurant hunting can serve as a fantastic temporary mask to the change taking place underneath the surface. I recently realized for the first time that change is hard and it takes patience to redefine normal.

The other day I attended a friend's barbecue where I came across many new faces that met me with warm smiles and inquiring eyes. Several attendees were also new Los Angeles transplants from New York arriving with dreams of careers in Hollywood and excitement for warmer weather. In the past, I would have greeted these new locals with a removed understanding of what it felt like to be navigating a new community and building new relationships. On this occasion, however, I felt like a new member of the tribe, too. I was also new to the town, in a less extreme way, but new nonetheless. We exchanged comments of patience and ambition; when to lean on one and when to employ the other. These new friends had come so far and sacrificed so much, all for the chance of success. I was impressed, but even more than that, I was in awe of the electric energy and kind demeanor of these new transplants. I took a piece of it away with me as I headed back to my new home just down the road.

I realize that it is rare to experience major geographical moves in our lives, but there are different kinds of change that we experience on a regular basis. It could be a change in careers or a change in relationships or a full life change that comes with being a new mother with a tiny human being completely dependent upon your affection and attention. Whatever the change is that meets your path in life, I encourage you to remain patient and diligent.

Be patient with not understanding all that it is you desire to know because it will reveal itself in time. Be diligent in pursuing goodness and embracing the moment since it will all work out with patience and diligence both paying off in the end. It's easy to look ahead and feel overwhelmed, but it's important to look back and remember that this isn't the first time change has altered things. It won't be the last, either. Just remember that you got this and, chances are, you're going to be great. Now, I just need to remind myself of this speech as I dwell in this new community that I call home.

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