Having The Will Versus Having The Know How

By: Xuxa Day, IATG Contributor August 04, 2016


Millennials have challenged the so-called "standard" of how things should go according to life milestones. Our parents have sacrificed for us to be able to experience life differently. Now, more than ever people are sidestepping the cliche of four year academia or having kids before the age of twenty. With that said, there is a fear that you must push ahead for a breakthrough, to make your own "American Dream". We have eluded the June Cleaver image, and made start-ups the evolved babies of our era. We'd like to think that it's an easy three steps to validate, not whether you are capable, but, if you have the will versus the "know-how" to get there.

First Challenge: Is what you want to pursue your passion or your purpose?
People often confuse the two. Your passion may vary between several things, such as art, volunteering, or even standing for a cause that's near and dear to your heart. Your purpose is the thing that you do best, with the least amount of effort. For me, it was writing. But, I found that I challenged this, with self-doubt, with not believing my words were valuable. It's a scary thing to exist without a purpose, but nobody tells you that it's harder to face yourself in the mirror knowing your responsibility to abide by that purpose. The saying "You're lucky if you get a chance to do what you love everyday," should be replaced with, "If you are able to monetize your purpose, you're lucky."

If you're able to accept your purpose and make it your priority then you've got something going.

Second Challenge: So you found your niche, then what?
So let's say you admit you found your purpose and find it possible to turn it into something bigger than you imagined. Like a 12-step program, after admitting your vice, the other steps fall into line with ease. With your focus aligned for greatness, you have to become conscious that you're unaware of plenty. It's the sort of conscious unconsciousness that will allow you to seek knowledge from mentors and those who've turned their purpose into a brand. Key pieces of motivation including vision boards and goal writing can help broaden your horizons and assist you in holding yourself accountable. For instance, I didn't know how to adapt content for a certain audience. All I knew was that I wanted to write a unique story. With trial and error along with some solid advice, I braced myself for the hurdles. I continued to strive for growth.

Without that discomfort, I would still be stagnant.

Final feat: What if you fail without a Plan B?
So you can find yourself and your motivation to create something of your own, but you also have to take into account that it will not always be fun and easy. Yes, women are amazing - it's been proven with the leading population of entrepreneurs, and even the deciding vote for this year's Presidential election. Realistically, there are going to be peaks and lows in your journey. A small percentage of us are willing to go all in to get a true shot at pursuing our endeavors. Take a breath and do not stop the momentum. I realized one day that I do A LOT. I'm a twenty four year old working full-time, finishing a degree, while balancing a huge workload as a writer. Even with a full load, I still grasp for more, because it's worth it. In preparing for growth, I have to put my fear on the back burner and push forward. At the end of the day, success is inevitable if pursued relentlessly.


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What do you think your purpose is? This question may seem a little daunting at first, but take some time today to think about the things you love and do well.

About Xuxa:

FullSizeRender-1.jpgXuxa Day is the creator of IATEKATEMOSS. The twenty-something writer is drawn to  the fashion industry and exudes authenticity with her writing style and knack for editing. Think Vogue but with whimsy.

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