Happiness is a Choice

By Adrienne Credo, Regular ContributorDecember 5, 2015


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We often believe that we are incapable of being truly happy unless x, y, and z happen. When in reality, we have the power to stand up and say, “I am happy because I want to be.” I have noticed that whenever I’m happy or in a great mood, often times people ask me what happened that put me in such a great mood. I always answer, “I’m just happy,” and leave it at that. It’s so strange to me to think that we can’t be happy unless something good has happened to us. When in reality, we can get up in the morning feeling grateful and happy, simply because we choose to be, not because of the external factors other people use in order to justify our happy demeanor. I believe that happiness is a choice.

Why? Because we make choices every day, some of them are easy and some of them more difficult, but the one thing I believe we have the power over is how we perceive the world each day. By actively making the choice to say “today is a good day” or “today, I am happy,” we train our minds to be more positive about the world around us. We are more open-minded and susceptible to better social interactions with those around us when we are in a better mood.

We don’t always have to have a reason to be happy. All we have to do is choose to be happy.

Now, some of you may be thinking that this is unrealistic of me to propose, that choosing to be happy means stifling our other emotions, but think about how much better our world would be if we just chose to see it in a better light. I am not saying we should always be happy or always be in a good mood; I am saying that we should choose happiness and positive energies whenever we can, even if we’re struggling with life. So many things are thrown at us throughout our lives, but actively making one choice that sets the tone for the day gives us more agency over our lives. Having a positive outlook and seeing the bright side of every situation throughout the day can help us power through even the hardest of days.

So go ahead. Choose to be happy. Make a conscious effort to wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and say, “today will be a good day.” And, it shall be. So long as you continue to choose happiness and positivity, even when faced with the hardest of days, you will have made one choice that only you have control over.

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