Growing Together, Growing Apart: Friendships

By: Danielle Spitz, Guest Blogger

As much as it hurts, people drift apart and relationships alter. People are constantly changing, and they start to change the people they surround themselves with to compliment their personality. But just because you don’t feel as close to someone does not mean you should disregard the relationship.

Friendships are tricky, and in no way easy to maintain. It’s very easy to lose a connection with someone, and it can be very confusing when it happens. Speaking for myself, it seemed that recently my best friend and I were starting to lose touch and this really scared me. We’ve always been inseparable, so any sign of change was very alarming.

Before I jumped to conclusions, I decided to analyze the situation. I realized that it’s very normal to drift apart from someone, but if I care enough I can stop that from happening. Of course people change and they start to make new friends, but that in no way means you have to get rid of all of your old ones.


I finally decided I should just talk to my friend about the way I was feeling and see what she had to say. It turns out that she felt the same way and we had a really sincere conversation. We both accepted that we were making new friends and discovering more about ourselves as we were maturing, but that did not mean we would stop being best friends.

The most valuable idea I picked up from our talk was that we shouldn’t be scared of change, because it is inevitable. Instead, we should embrace it and learn from it. My best friend and I are the closest we’ve ever been because we were honest with each other, and ourselves.

What I’m trying to say is that even though change can be super scary, it’s also super valuable. And even though relationships can alter, there are certain friends that will always stay by your side, through thick and thin. And at the end of the day, no matter how different you have become, those relationships will be the most meaningful.

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