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By: Lorene Belotti, Guest BloggerNovember 26, 2015

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The other day, I was chatting with one of my good friends from University. We talked about
our classmates, what they have become, what they do for a living. Some of them have traveled the world and now work in the United States, in Asia, or in other exotic foreign countries while others, like me, are still in their hometown.

Sometimes I feel ashamed next to these people who seem to be so comfortable jumping onto planes to run around the world with confidence. I’ve traveledbut I’ve never lived in a foreign country or experienced international programs at University that allow you to do a semester or a year oversea (I simply wasn’t ready at the time).

It brought me to these questions: Do we evolve less if we never live abroad? Are we necessarily more narrow-minded because we stay in our country or because we have a smaller, international experience?

I don’t think so. Everything is a question of perception and open-mindedness. Some people will travel and live really far without questioning themselves, their life expectations, and their attitude. Some can be so self-assured and self-centered they won’t even try to adapt to the local culture or even be aware of it. I remember a guy I knew who spent 6 months in Italy and came back without speaking the language properly as he stayed with his French friends the entire time.

On the other hand, some people will live forever in the same house and make a remarkable life evolution. They will pose deep questions to themselves, live incredible experiences, change their mind along the way if necessary, and grow. They will listen to life’s lessons and draw conclusions for their own good. I really believe everything is about character and point of view.

If you’re open-minded, you’ll listen, you’ll watchand you’ll learn. You’ll meet great people, see wonderful places and live fantastic adventures if you’re ready for welcoming them.

The famous writer Roald Dahl was right when he said “those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.You want to grow? No matter what, you’ll have to make an effort and be ready to learn the lessons.

The issues you have to deal with to move on, you’ll bring them with you wherever you go.

You’re the only one who can set you free and do the job of breaking your limits. Foreign countries, cultures, or people will make you feel better for a time as novelty is always appealing. Unfortunately, I’m sorry to say it won’t last. At some point, YOU will have to face the things that hold you back.

So yes, traveling, experiencing life somewhere else can be very instructive if you’re ready to welcome it, but it won’t be more revealing that a self-improvement work at home. You can travel really far without leaving your flat and you can fly across the world from your kitchen. It’s up to you.

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Lorene is a French observer and learner of life. She’s been working as a salesperson and a marketing assistant for four years to learn the ropes of the business world. She loves writing and telling stories. She lives in the French Alps and loves to try to solve the world’s problems while having a great meal with her loved ones.




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