Going All In

By Devin Riggs, Regular ContributorSeptember 26, 2015

Moving to a new place is always hard. Whether it’s starting college or a new job, making that transition smooth and as painless as possible is a difficult task.You’re learning the ins and outs of a new place and constantly meeting new people. It’s a lot to take in. It’s even harder if you aren’t moving far away…the pull of the familiar can drag you back. I find myself time and time again wanting to run back to what I know because it’s easy and it’s cozy and it’s home.

What I’ve come to learn about transitions, though, is that while going all in is terrifying, it’s also totally worth it.

I went to college out of state and fell in love with a new city and new people, and when I moved back after graduation, I was devastated to leave. It fundamentally changed me as a person.

As I face the beginning of a new phase in life, I keep wishing I could rush home to take solace in the familiar. Instead though, I face the unfamiliar head on, diving into this new world of strangers who could become life long friends and scenery that’s daunting and confusing now but soon will be a comfort. I am embracing change and getting into the trenches of discovering the newness of life.

Because it’s important that we give new experiences the chance to become something amazing and life changing.


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I’m continually learning that people can surprise you and inspire you and make you better, but you have to give them the opportunity to do so. You have to take that leap and say hello and say how are you. You have to give your time.

Time is the most important gift you can give someone, including yourself.

And I’m still practicing how to give myself time: to work, to relax, to play, to sleep, to eat, to learn, to love…to forgive, to reflect, to remember. Because going all in doesn’t mean you forget where you came from. Going all in also means knowing when you need a break, and sometimes I need a break to visit home and see my friends, to get away for a little while. Going all in sometimes means to find that balance of old and new, familiar and unknown, challenging and easy. Going all in is about committing to the experience and letting it impact you instead of running away from it.

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Have you ever had a major transition in life? How did you adjust? Did you dive all in? Tell us below!

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