Go Big or Go Home

It was one of those Saturdays when you�ve been running errands all day, cleaning your apartment, doing laundry, pretending to get your �finances� organized (or maybe that�s just me) and you glance at the clock only to realize you have 30 minutes to get ready for a 1970s-themed birthday party you�ve been anticipating all week. I glanced in the mirror and rather than a reflection of a disco diva starring back, it was more of a tired, makeup-less, frumpy wallflower.

I had that two-second decision of, do I throw on jeans along with a paisley top and run out the door or do I do it right? Because let�s be honest, you don�t hold onto a pair of sequin-covered, skin-tight, bell bottoms for three years, just so they can continue to collect dust. After all, they had been screaming my name for the past few months, begging to be taken out of retirement, and it just so happened that it was their lucky night.

I�ll be honest, it was worse than pulling jeans on right out of the shower. I think it would have saved time had an artist just come over and painted them on. Regardless, I threw on a black tank, enough body shimmer to hide Houdini, neon turquoise eye shadow, and then matched a similarly obnoxious colored scarf as well as feather earrings to top it all off. In 22 minutes, I had transformed into a glitzy dancing queen.

I still had that split-second panic of whether I could really pull it off, though. There�s that humiliating scene in Legally Blonde when Reese Witherspoon shows up to a �costume� party and she�s the only one dressed up. All I could think of was how much I hoped I wasn�t the only one who took the �theme� party seriously, especially since it was in a public bowling alley.

I said to hell with it, grabbed my keys and was out the door. Here�s the deal ladies; sometimes we just have to go for it. We have to be bold and risk showing up at that party as the only one dressed up, make the first move with your latest crush, boldly ask for that raise or demand respect from the guy who shamelessly hits on you at the Coffee Bean.

I think too often we judge ourselves through the lenses of our friends, family, society, or significant other. We think, “How will people react? Will I stand out? Will I get laughed at or look dumb?” The simple answer: Maybe, but so what? I’d much rather be memorable, stand out, get noticed, and make some noise as opposed to Simon Cowell’s biggest insult of being, “forgettable.”

So here’s the deal, go big or go home. And the moment you decide to rock it, make your mind up to own it. No one can make you feel stupid unless you give them the keys to your emotional lock box, so just go for it and be unapologetic about flaunting what you’ve got. After all, catty comments are the gifts the insecure give to the confident.

On the other hand, authentic confidence is when your self worth no longer dances on the approval of others, but is measured by you and you alone. Be bold ladies, own it and believe you’re worthy of standing out. As for the pants, well, they ended up being the hit of the party.Images courtesy of Performing-musician.com, Thisislondon.co.uk

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