Go Ahead, Quit

By: Chelsey Reardon, IATG Contributor February 25, 2016


You’re allowed to quit.

You’re allowed to walk away from things in your life in order to make space for other things.


My whole life I’ve been raised to not be a “quitter.” I was taught to show up and fulfill my commitments at all costs. To work harder than the person to my left. To try to perform better than the person to my right. At 25, I’m just now realizing that I’m not sure I agree with this and that I’m not sure I believe that “doing it all” is part of the mathematical equation of what makes a person great.


Yes -- honoring our commitments is important. Working hard is necessary. Reliability is an admirable quality. I’m not saying we should bail on a meeting with short notice. I’m not saying it’s okay to just not show up or not be unprofessional. We, of course, need to work hard and be present for the people we love.


What I’m saying is that we should not compromise ourselves, our health, or our sanity in an effort to not be a “quitter” or in an effort to prove we’re great.


We are human. We have 24-hours in the day. We can’t do it all, and we are allowed to say no. In fact, the word “no” has the power to change our lives. It can open up space for independence, self love, personal growth, and a million other beautiful things.


Part of growing up is recognizing what serves you and what doesn’t. Whether it be a relationship, a job, a project, or a habit, you are allowed to release it. Further, you do not have to feel shame because it could no longer be a top priority in your life.


Be gentle and kind to yourself. Recognize that what serves you today may not serve you a year from now. When this happens, just let it go and make space for the things that do.


Because you can’t do it all, but you can do everything you choose to prioritize.


So, if it doesn’t make the list, quit it.


You’ll still be great. I promise.


Let’s Chat!

What things in your life should you let go of? Was there a time when you quit on something someone? What did you learn about yourself? Share some quitting wisdom here or with your friends to spark more conversation!


About Chelsey

Chelsey Reardon graduated from Belmont University with a business degree. She is currently trying to maneuver through this whole adulthood thing by way of trial and error. Her loves are yoga and writing.

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