Girls Should Be Free, Not Afraid

By: Anushe Noor Faheem, Regular Contributor

I am 15, but I remember being twelve and not even knowing what “rape” meant. I remember believing in the beautiful world full of joy and happiness. I remember that there was no such thing as fear of such issues when I was that age. Yet now the things have changed.

Every girl knows about such issues and fears them. Everyday we hear about new projects being launched to stop violence against women but in the same bulletin we also hear about several girls and women being murdered, harassed, and sexually exploited. What seems weird to me is that in this developing world why are we losing self-control and humanity? When we loose humanity how do we call ourselves humans?


Just three years ago in my own life, I did not have any fear of sexual harassment or exploitation, but now when girls should be thinking about unicorns and pink clouds they are talking about rape. You could say that it’s great that they are well aware of these issues, but what I say is that why is it an issue for them? This shouldn’t be an issue to them. The issue should be whether or not unicorns exist or not how to identify a rapist in public.

My twelve-year-old cousin, Maryam, dreams of an organization that will stop the rape crisis for good. I hope when she is old enough to start it, there will be no need for her to do so.

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Violence against women and girls is as serious as it gets. But you CAN do something to make a positive impact.

  • Research a local or global organization working to end the crisis of violence against women. Volunteer your time or talents or if you're not sure how to help, reach out to their staff and talk to them about wanting to be more involved in some way. There are many ways to be the light that someone needs!

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IMG_20140528_081647.jpgI’m a teenager and am eager about social issues majorly the ones of women and children rights. Currently also contributing to Global Voices as a bridge blogger ( ). Tweets as  @AnusheNoor.  A music lover and listen to almost all genres. Hobbies include singing, reading and writing and sometimes dancing. 





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