Girls Rule

What has forever been given only to the sons of British monarchs will now be equally handed to their first-born daughters: the right to the throne.

As of Friday, November 4, the United Kingdom’s succession laws have undergone this revision, according to British Prime Minister David Cameron. At a Commonwealth of Nations summit in Australia, the deliberation of 16 Commonwealth countries’ leaders, all of which have the queen as head-of-state, resulted in this decision of necessary constitutional change. Each individual government, however, must still agree to the changes in order for them to take effect.

If accepted, the changes will assure that a first-born girl will be offered the throne before it is passed on to her younger brother. The future British monarch will also be allowed to marry a Catholic, should the changes go through. Beforehand, the monarch could marry a person of any religion except Catholic. If the measure is approved, Britain will be following the lead of Denmark (1953) and Sweden (1980), who have long-since taken the leap toward gender equality.

So, why has it taken so long for Britain to consider the much-needed neutrality? In a televised address, Cameron stated that attitudes have changed fundamentally over the centuries and outdated rules should evolve with them. Is this Prime minister'��s message of wisdom really enough to convince Parliament that to accept the changes would be to do what is right and well overdue?

The whole thing is quite ironic when looking back since the British throne has been remembered historically according to its queens. From Queen Elizabeth I who reigned for 45 years to Queen Victoria for 64 and Queen Elizabeth II who has held the position for 59 years and counting. These leading women only prospered in light of their lack of brothers, though.

Despite the now modern times, British young girls have always grown up under the idea that only by marrying a prince could they become the queen. With the possibility of this idea transforming into a royal daughter’s ability to take the throne, it gives little girls the new mindset that they are of equal importance as little boys. Something that should be instilled in their minds as they continue to grow, especially in today’s modern society.Images courtesy of NBC Action News,

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