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By Olivia Gardner, Regular ContributorOctober 24, 2015


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There is a tradition with the girls’ cross country team to have a girls’ night, where we all just hang out and relax for the night not thinking about the stresses of daily life. We eat pizza and laugh and talk, and most of us lounge in our pajamas. We play foosball and pool and blast music in the background, so we can have a little dance party; none of us care how we dance or sing. We just have fun. Of course, we play typical sleepover games, but these are the moments that make me truly thankful for being a part of the team, much less a captain.

One night, we all sat down and each passed around a piece of paper, so we had the chance of writing down what everyone on the team meant to us. We either wrote a memory or something we enjoyed about their personality or something you wished for them in the future. It took quite some time, because we’d been practicing together for five months and there was a lot to say. When we were all done, we placed our papers in the middle of the circle and grabbed them all at the same time to read them.

I read mine and felt thankful to have had an impact on so many girls; I kind of just sat there in silence, smiling at everyone with tears in my eyes.

After that, we all got our blankets and got cozy to play, “If You Really Knew Me” (a game where you go around the circle and just share anything about yourself and hug each other and hold hands while you cry). It’s an emotional game, but it’s a way of bringing us so much closer. We’re in a tough sport. We run and try our best every day at practice, and we all seem happy and carefree. But at the end of the day, all of us are fighting personal battles. Every one of us has days when we struggle to get out of bed, but we’re taught to appear strong for the sake of everyone else. I am so grateful for sharing that moment with my girls.

Once we were done sharing, we all stood in a circle and hugged each other. Then we put on music and just danced it all out.

It was exhilarating to experience the bonding. And then we, of course, all laid down to watch Clueless.

Make time with your girlfriends to just sit and talk about life, but then to sing and dance and laugh about it. It is so worth it.

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Do you ever have girls' nights? What do you do during them? How do you show your girls some love?

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