Girls Need Girls


Girls need girls. It's a fact. Whether it's ogling over our latest crush (and don't pretend we EVER grow out of it), crying over our most recent disappointment, laughing at our absurdities, or confiding our deepest, farthest, back-of-the-closet secret; we need to be heard. Through sharing our experiences we have an opportunity to explore our own thoughts, work through our emotions and discover new kernels of truth.


For some time I thought I could figure out how to eliminate insecurities, fears and doubts for girls and women. If only I had the right formula, magic pill or workshop. I could find a way to instill authentic confidence in girls and women everywhere so they were free to fulfill, if not surpass, their potential and powerfully contribute to the world. The reality is that I can't. I don't have a cure-all that will remove the challenges and obstacles inundating the human experience. No human being for that matter has that ability.


My revelation emerged from a company meeting where a group of us were sitting around chitchatting about nothing really (like girls do). We talked about work, dabbled in politics and circumnavigated the uncharted waters of relationships. That's when it happened; our conversation about nothing became about everything. We brought up issues of quarreling co-workers, struggles with body image, society's high expectations, third-world countries and, naturally, boys.


Before you knew it, our "business meeting" had transformed into a group of healing, listening, compassionate respect and validating patience. There were no epiphanies, or calendar-making breakthroughs. If it were any other day, I would have overlooked it completely, but not this time. The light bulb went off and I wondered if all girls had this kind of outlet to be heard and to hear others.


It's important that even if we don't have the immediate answers that we are made to feel we're not alone. There's comfort in that. There's fearlessness in knowing you have a crew backing you up, a group of women protecting you and looking out for you. That's when we realized this tangible community is vital to our existence. If we are going to change this world, if we are going to empower one another and ignite a revolution, it's going to require that we come together and support one another. If a man chooses to be an island, he can be alone all by himself. I'm not interested in going through life's safari alone. We're stronger and more equipped to handle life's curve balls when we have a whole team out there on the field with us.


So we created local chapters for girls to get plugged in and find other like-minded women out to make a difference in the world. We need an army of women, a dream team of relentless activists who will dedicate one night a week for an hour or so to a group of women who also want to leave this world better than how they found it. We already have chapters in most big cities, but we need more. If there's one in your hometown, then get involved! If not, start your own. It's an opportunity for girls to empower other girls. Where women on the same wavelength can come together and support one another.


And I get it, you'e busy. We all are. But it's not for us, it's for you. You need it, we all do. But better yet, we deserve it in our lives. We deserve taking some time for ourselves once a week and having an outlet to talk about things that matter in this world. We deserve being listened to and having a place to share. Badass women coming together to change the world. We need you in this revolution, we need your voice and your life's unique brand. Make it a reality, and make you a priority. Get involved, sign up, and start your own.


Image is of the San Diego chapter

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