Girls Are Stronger Together: How Emma Sulkowicz Inspires

Trigger Warning: This post includes reference to sexual assault. It may be a trigger for survivors of sexual assault and sexual violence.

By: Anushe Noor Faheem, Regular Contributor

Recently while going through my Facebook News feed I found a link to an article on Chapman University's Panther Online about a campaign started by Emma Sulkowicz, a Columbia University senior. Emma vowed to carry a dorm room mattress around the whole campus while her alleged rapist stayed on campus, and she had such support from other girls!

Writing for Panther Online, Gardner Royce stated:

“Twenty-five members of I Am That Girl, an organization dedicated to empowering women, carried a mattress through campus Sept. 10. The demonstration was intended to raise awareness for the rape case of Emma Sulkowicz!”


IATG Local, Chapman University. Photo courtesy Lindsay Robb

These lines made me so proud that I am a part of I Am That Girl. Though I only contribute my words for the organization; I am still so proud to be a part of it!

The girls of our Local Chapter in Chapman who have supported THAT GIRL Emma Sukowicz have made me so proud. This campaign has a very deep message, which needs to be supported by every human. As a girl I completely support Emma and all the girls who have worked hard to make their voices clear to the world!

Emma’s campaign sends the message that these girls are heard and this campaign shows support to all the girls who are sexually exploited. All we need to do now is to spread the same message in our communities as the girls of Chapman have done.

Girls like Emma who stand up and get support let the world know that they will not be suppressed. I am happy to know how the girls from I Am That Girl have supported Emma! We can all #BeThatGirl!

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We know that when girls work together to support one another, everyone wins and the world changes forever. How might you show your support for other girls--maybe in your community or maybe on the other side of the globe. Tell us about it here!

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