Girl Talk

It’s no secret that girls love to talk. That’s basically all we do when we’re together. We talk about our days, nights, boys, clothes, hair, shoes, Twilight and The Hunger Games. Most of all, we talk about each other.

As social beings we interact with one another by discussing our lives and the people around us. We are known to gossip, and that's alright, as long as we keep our tone in check. I think we tend to forget that the tone we speak about people in, the criticisms and the judgments we spread are a decision that can be controlled. Now I�m not necessarily saying that every girl talk session is born out of hate and maliciousness, although a good amount are, but they�re also bred out of naive judgments and sometimes inaccurate generalizations.

We as human beings are pretty complex. Often we choose to attribute an action or decision made by someone to a simple, black-and-white reason. A reason we think is accurate and can therefore form an opinion on it. I�m here to remind everyone that people�s lives are simply far more complex than we realize.

It�s important to remember that we don�t know what goes on behind closed doors, what kind of obstacles that person could be dealing with at home or what kind of life experiences formed them into the person they are today. Think about your own self and life. You�re far more complex then a simple comment. Let�s try to be a little bit more understanding and supportive of each other as opposed to immediately thinking we know the correct way for anyone to live their lives. After all, everyone deserves to be understood and not limited to a definition.

Let�s promise to try and have more empathy for one another�s lives and open our minds to the idea that we�re all just trying to figure out this thing called life and learning along the way. Another idea I want to discuss, and one we can all relate to, is the common act of concentrating too much of our attention and time on other people�s lives, as opposed to spending time working on ourselves. In today�s world, it's no secret that there�s a superfluous amount of information floating around on every single person. The ability to follow our peers is so easy it basically detracts from us working toward our own goals.

Facebook has allowed us to follow each other’s every move, leading us to judge each other’s every move, and ultimately measuring ourselves by what each other accomplishes. We tend to put others down to make ourselves feel better when we should be looking inside ourselves and figuring out what’s making us feel inadequate, what’s missing from our lives that's making us unhappy and dissatisfied with ourselves. This is an act we’re all guilty of called the comparison spell, and it’s a trap we should all avoid.

So, let’s pledge to stop comparing ourselves to our peers, putting one another down or judging each other and instead support each other. We should engage in healthy, productive acts throughout the day to enhance our own lives and concentrate on the relationships we have with the people that are important to us.

We should make an effort to turn our incredibly necessary and enjoyable girl talk sessions into sessions of support and empowerment. Let's promise to worry about ourselves, our own actions, how to be better people and harder workers. What kind of light are we portraying ourselves under and how can we do our part in spreading love instead of hate?

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