By Olivia Gardner, Regular ContributorNovember 1, 2015


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A lot can happen in three years. Life happens. You meet people. You lose people. You learn. You let go. You move on. You celebrate. You mourn. You love. You change.

Everything changes, and constantly. Three years can do a lot to a person.

Exactly three years ago when I was a freshman, I went to Florida for fall break, and it just so happens that I’m in Florida for my senior year fall break. This past week I’ve been thinking back on everything that's happened since my last vacation, and it's so much.

I mean my older sister and a really close friend have graduated. My Grandma was diagnosed with brain cancer and passed within the first nine months of diagnosis. I’ve designed and presented a project to find a new treatment for the cancer my Grandma passed away from, which won project of the year. My mom has been promoted a few times. My other Grandma’s health has deteriorated. I’ve been a junior escort for graduation. I’ve gotten my permit and then my license. I’ve been honored to be a cross country captain. I’ve completed my college applications. I’ve finished all my cross country seasons. Anyways, the list could go on, but life has happened and continues to happen.

Because I’m on vacation, I've been thinking about where I was freshman year and where I am now as a senior.

I used to not pay attention to what was going on around me, but now I take in as much as I can.

I try to be present in the moment. I needed a vacation to get away and come back to reality. I needed to be reminded of what's important, of what I enjoy and want in life. So, when you’re a little stressed and life’s too much, just take a step back and be thankful for where you are. 

Let's chat!

Where were you three years ago? How much have you grown since then? What's changed? Tell us below!

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