Get Off the Treadmill

Is it just me or are there these mysterious times in your life that feel like Groundhog Day? You just open your eyes and you suddenly don’t know how you got somewhere or where you are for that matter. I had lunch the other day with one of my dearest friends at my favorite lunch spot in Los Angeles, Toast. As usual, my wildly-inspiring friend shared a bit of personal insight on his adventurous life journey. He mentioned that in the midst of his very busy life (must be hard to be a two-time New York Times best-seller, TV host, producer, writer and serial entrepreneur), he called it quits and took off for Laos.

Bare in mind that this guy always seems to be on a flight to some exotic place right at the moment you want to pull your hair out because your job is making you crazy. Yes, I'm trying to hide the jealously in my voice of him living every adventure-junkie's dream. He mentioned something very unlike him that hit me in the face like a ton of bricks. He said this trip to Laos was the first time that he got off the treadmill and just went to enjoy it. Rather than chase one crazy adventure after another, he just chose to be present, to just be and in that place, he found a simple joy and it's been a game changer.

Being a dreamer and passion-seeking optimist, I know what it's like to always be chasing that next big adventure. Whether it's professional or personal, it's almost like there's this insatiable hunger inside always wanting to slay another dragon and yes, I think it's something that our entire generation battles. This notion of learning how to be content, to appreciate exactly where we are in the moment, to revel in simplicity is really hard. Yet in a recent survey of people on their deathbed when asked what they regretted in life, it wasn't that they had worked more and accomplished more, it was that they wished they had spent more time with the people they loved and, if anything, worked and stressed less. People on their deathbed knowing they aren't taking anything with them, just wish they had more time with the people standing around their bed.

So if that's the case, why should we wait until we're little raisins at the end of our lives to start making those kinds of shifts? Because despite what we think, we are not entitled to this lifetime; we are gifted with it. I'm not sure what rat race you're in or what treadmill you have found yourself walking on, but it's time to get off and detach from the world for a bit to reevaluate and shake up your Etch A Sketch.

There's a certain quiet space where we stumble upon the simpler joys, the things that satiate our insatiable hunger and bring real meaning to our lives, the things we so often forget in the whirlwind of ordinary life. I always tell people that you deserve to take five minutes each day to just pour into you. By closing your eyes and reminding yourself that it's in the details is exactly how the best part of life happens.

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