Get More THAT GIRL: Kickin Clicks #4

A rock-your-face-off round-up of fab news, articles, and posts!


heart.png One of TV's most inspiring women wanted to give up. Find out who encouraged her to stick it out! UpWorthy

heart2.png Meet the Pentagon's highest-ranking woman!

heart3.png BuzzFeed inspires with these Top 5 Body Positive Messages.

heart2.png Have you seen these amazing disabled mannequins? This HuffPo Style article will change the way you see beauty!

heart2.png Tracy Lien over on Polygon created this AH-mazing piece called "No Girls Allowed" about boys, videogames, and the making of a marketing stereotype. BLAMMO!

heart2.pngWatch science reporter Emily Graslie take on sexist bullies. Fab!

heart2.png Get nice, get happy. It's a win-win. Read more over on CollegeCandy.

heart2.png Get your daily adorable with these super cute, fun vines from

heart2.png Looking for some gender-empowering toys for the little beans on your holiday list? Check out this list on

heart2.png 27-year-old Laura Cobb has a little known health-condition called expressive aphasia and owns her awesome in this inspiring and empowering video on HuffPo Living. Check it!


Featured image via S. Moeschen

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