Get More THAT GIRL: Kickin Clicks #3


A rock-your-face-off round-up of fab news, articles, and posts!


Goldieblox! Goldieblox! Goldieblox!


If you have not had the chance to check out this crazy amazing challenge to inspire future generations of girl engineers, you need to do yourself a favor and stop time to watch this outstanding video by Goldiblox, a toy company with a badass mission.

Image via


Girl power: 8-year-old goes from Miss Cinderella to Pop Warner


Meet Annalyce Romero an 8-year-old who traded in her pageant duds for a chance to play pop warner football! Awesome!


Image via Crystal Ochoa/YumaSun


Face Your Fear

|| HelloGiggles

Writer Chelsea Falco gives some outstanding tips for fear-facing. Take her challenge and kick that scaredy-cat to the curb!


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Howard Schatz's Images of Female Athletes Are Unbelievable

|| HuffingtonPost Women

Photographer Howard Schatz captures a range of female athletes to prove that body diversity rocks.


Image via HuffingtonPost


 Victoria Secret Petitioned to Hire First Transgender Model


A petition is in the works to urge fashion mogul Victoria Secret to hire Carmen Carrera, a well-known transgender model and performer.


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15 Selfies of Your Favorite '90s Stars All Grown Up!


"Selfie" was just picked as Oxford Dictionaries' Word of the Year. Check out these fun selfies from some of your fave '90s stars.


Tia Mowry via Instagram

How to Start a 1960s Girl Group By the Actionettes

|| MyDaily

Umm..hello? Who wouldn't want to start a 1960s-style amazingly badass girl singing/dancing group? Also, can we agree that the Actionettes is the coolest name ever? Find out how these UK girls are doing pop in style!


Image by Urban75 via


My Embarrassing Picture Went Viral


Find out what Caitlin Seida learned about compassion and courage when one of her photographs went viral.


Image via Caitlin Seida from

Meet Rebecca Sugar: First Solo Female Cartoonist for the Cartoon Network!


Grab your favorite cup of something and cozy up with this outstanding interview with 26-year-old Rebecca Sugar, first solo female creator behind Cartoon Network's "Steven Universe."


Image via Cartoon Network


Beans Make Little Baby Girl GROOVE!

|| Buzzfeed

This is total cuteness. Bookmark and revisit as needed throughout the day. You're welcome.


Image via buzzfeed






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