Get More THAT GIRL: Kickin Clicks #2

A rock-your-face-off roundup of FAB stories, articles, and blogs!


A Daddy's Letter to His Little Girl About Her Future Husband


Have you had your awesome ugly cry today? Saddle up, this Dad is showing the world how it's done when it comes to being an inspiration to girls and guys!


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7 Pieces of Wisdom from Malala Yousafzai, Hillary Clinton, and the Rest of Glamour 2013 Women of the Year

|| Huffington Post

Badass ladies energizing you with their wit, wisdom, grace, and authenticity.


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Jennifer Lawrence Rocks This Response to Body Image

|| UpWorthy

As if we didn't heart Ms. Lawrence enough! Watch her drop knowledge about the insanity of body shaming.


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Beyonce Makes Blind Girl Feel Like A Star

|| Huffington Post Teen

O.k. in case you thought you were done with the ugly cry.


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The Veterans That Nearly Weren't

|| The Awl

Check out these amazing women vets who served their country, shattered glass big dif.


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Comic Book Wednesday: Spotlight on Faith Erin Hicks

|| GroupThink

Calling all inspired artists. Read about this fabulista who is rocking the world of comic books for girls everywhere.


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Notes to My 12-Year-Old Self

|| Amy's Smart Girls

We all need pep talks. Read this blogger's tender and sweet pick-me-up to her self.


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She Works: Note to Self


This tumblr is AMAZE-ing. A forum where women can use their voices and leave notes of wisdom and inspiration for the world.


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