Get More THAT GIRL: Kickin Clicks #1

A rock-your-face-off round-up of great articles, blogs, and stories!


Marvel Comics Introducing Muslim Girl Superhero!

|| The New York Times

Girl heroes just got even more amazing!


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Avoid My Mistakes and Successfully Manage Your Busy Life

|| HelloGiggles

Chelsea Falco gives some awesome tips to help students (and everyone) stay afloat!


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A Good Defense

|| RookieMag

Rookie takes on bullying and it is as magnificent as you think.


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The Girls' Playbook

|| Amy's Smart Girls

Sports and academics go hand in hand and young women reap the benefits. Find out more in this fantastic piece.


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Tomboy Flower Girl Outfits

|| A Practical Wedding

Have you SEEN these adorable digs letting girls be themselves at such fancy events? Awesome!


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Meet Kayla Samuel, The Ultimate Teen Runner Role Model

|| HuffPost Teen

See what this one teen athlete did to show her sportsmanship and BE a true inspiration.


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Innovative Dollhouses

|| MentalFloss

Move over Barbie, there's a new dream house on the block! You've just lost 10 minutes of your day. You're welcome.


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Let Girls Lead Video Contest: Meet Helen Kasiya

|| HuffPost Global Motherhood

This young girl from Malawi is speaking up for girls' right to education and safe, healthy environments to build self-esteem and self-worth.


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Awesome Department Store Unveils Awesome Size 16 Mannequin

|| Bust Magazine

Check this UK store making sure REAL women with REAL bodies are represented!


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What It's Like to Be in College, As Told By Our Favorite Disney Characters

|| Her Campus

Can you relate? Ariel and Mulan are killing it here. Nailed it!


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