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For those who don't know Chelsea Handler, she's not just a comedienne. She's also an acclaimed author, producer and late-night show host. Her show, Chelsea Lately, on E! has an audience of nearly 800,000 viewers. She also has her own production company, Borderline Amazing Productions.

Handler is just one of the many women taking the world of comedy by storm, proving that women can be beautiful, smart and funny. There was a misconception even just 20 years ago that women either had to be funny or beautiful; funny women had to fall back on their humor since they didn't have the looks. Critics said these things about Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett and Gilda Radner. But today, in an age when women are proving more than ever that they can have it all, the new era of funny girls seems to possess more than just humor.

Another female comedy powerhouse, Tina Fey, has risen to the top. She found fame as a sketch comic on Saturday Night Live where she served a stint as the show's head writer. After she left SNL, she wrote and acted in the movie Mean Girls which starred Lindsay Lohan as the main character. She's also acted in other movies. Her biggest success has come from the hit show she created, 30 Rock, where she serves as actor, writer and producer. Since airing on NBC in 2007, it has won multiple awards.

Fey doesn't see herself as the girl who has it all, though. She pictures herself as more a nerd who broke through. In an interview, she said, "Yeah, it's tough being smart and sexy, too. I have to say I'm really not that attractive. Until I met my husband, I could not get a date. I promise you it's true. My husband Jeff Richmond saw a diamond in the rough and took me in."

Many would disagree with Fey regarding her conceptions about her looks. She is obviously a pretty woman with a whole lot of substance. But as many barriers female comedians have broken down, there are still more. Male comedians aren't called out for being attractive and funny; it really doesn't matter if male comedians are attractive or not. Female comedians may finally be considered equals when we stop feeling the need to put the "female" before the comedian.

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