From Coworkers to Friends

By: Caitlin Cheevers, Guest Blogger

We’ve got a saying at my work: “The more you share, the more you trust. The more you trust, the more you share.”

At first, I didn’t see how it affected me. Of course you have to share to trust, isn’t that obvious?

It wasn’t until I really thought about my day-to-day work experienced that I realized how much I needed to pay attention to this motto.

I’m a one-person department, which means I don’t automatically have a group of coworkers I talk to every day. It makes it difficult to get to know my coworkers and create work friendships.

I needed to put myself out there, but I was just going through the motions.

I went out to lunch with a big group every Friday, but I wasn’t sharing about myself. I was sitting at the table, listening to everyone else, but I wasn’t actually contributing to the conversation.

I definitely think it was important for me to sit back and listen the first few weeks. It helped me learn what’s appropriate to talk about and what’s off limits. However, once I get that figured out, I needed to start sharing about myself to build those relationships. It took me too long to figure this out.


When I decided to start an I AM THAT GIRL local chapter, I realized I needed to share about myself in order to get some of my coworkers to join me. It was a nerve-wracking experience, telling them about this modern feminist movement I wanted to be a part of.

It was uncomfortable to put myself out there, but the benefits have far outweighed the discomforts.

After I shared my I AM THAT GIRL dreams, my coworkers got to know me more personally. They shared their own stories with me, and a friendship was born. It wasn’t until I started the conversation that we could begin to trust each other.

Despite still being a one-person department at work, I feel like I’m more comfortable knowing there are people there who have my back.

When not much is happening in the office on a Friday afternoon, it’s nice to know I have people I can chat with to make the workday go by a little faster.

Plus, building that trust outside of work has helped us at work. When we do have projects together, it’s nice to know different people’s interest outside of work to see where they will be able to contribute the most.

I AM THAT GIRL was my excuse to put myself out there and build relationships at work. What will be yours?

Let's Chat!

Forging new relationships can be first, but also a lot of fun!

  • Putting yourself out there with new people can be easier than you think. Your hobbies, activities, and interests are all great conversation springboards and will probably surprise you at how much in common you have with one another!

About Caitlin

Caitlin_Cheevers_Avatar.jpgCaitlin Cheevers is the entire marketing department at an office technology dealer in her hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. In her free time, she writes, designs, and publishes her own blog,, where she obsesses over hockey, blogging, graphic design, DIY projects, Africa, feminism, books, travel, coffee, food, and possibly dinosaurs.


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