Friends Can Be Bullies, Too

By Sana Noor, Guest Blogger July 23, 2015

Every snide comment that they claim to be funny has a weird way of striking the heart in the worst possible way. When they look down upon our choices and our lifestyle, they make us doubt our very own being, our very own existence.

We always suspect the people who don’t appeal to us and who don’t like us, but those close to us can be worse. This is an issue that is often overlooked. Bullies aren't always obvious. Friends, family members, peers, and you & I are each other's biggest bullies and we often turn our heads when it comes to these instances.

I was bullied. And I hated it. 

Then it stopped.

But not a day goes back that I don't remember that year.

It's already difficult living in this multifaceted world where finding ourselves proves to be a challenge on its own without hearing about them from people close to us as they pick apart each and every weakness we have, lay it out on the sidewalk, and subtly walk over it, claiming they were 'lol jk'-ing.


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Yes, because that certainly makes it perfectly fine. And god forbid you confront them and suddenly it becomes this huge blow out where they accuse you of not being able to take a 'joke' (at your expense, mind you) and should stop taking things so seriously.

And that is the worst kind of bullying. It's the people who you love and cherish most; they turn around and make you feel worthless and insignificant. You need to learn to love yourself enough to cut out the toxicity in your life. Friends that bring you down, make you second guess yourself, and make you feel miserable, are they truly your friends?

We are the hardest on ourselves; the burden is already on our shoulders, why should we add on one more person who makes us feel this way? We need to learn to love ourselves and if someone is making that path to self-love all the more longer than it needs to be, then you need to decide.

You need to learn to love yourself enough to cut out the toxicity in your life.

Ask yourself, why are you putting up with this?

But not everyone is like that. And kudos to you if you found the friends who won't turn around and hurt you with their words. Still, it doesn't mean that these bullies don't exist. It just means that you were the lucky ones out of us. For which you should be grateful.

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