Found ‘em

We always ask the question, �Where have all the good guys gone?� Well ladies, I found them. They are halfway around the world, being held captive on an island commonly known as Australia. Maybe it was the gorgeous �passport stamper� I saw the moment I entered the country or the charming bellboy at our hotel; better yet maybe it was the three young gentleman I met while attempting a life-threatening climb across the Sydney Harbour bridge. Australia is definitely where all the great guys have been hiding.

Naturally, once you’ve done something like Survivor, it kind of sets the stage for the rigorous challenges you sign yourself up for in order to maintain your well-deserved, “tough girl” reputation. So I gravitated towards the bridge experience — a 500-foot climb above the famous harbour. Shuffling along narrow, grated flooring, we walked along the top arch of the iconic bridge for the best view in town and a heart-pounding experience that could easily be mistaken for nausea.

Luckily in our climbing group we had three lovely gentleman; Jared, Andrew and John, all natives to Australia who were there to celebrate one of their birthdays with a little natural high. Not only did we spend three and a half hours climbing surreal heights with these guys, throwing out awkward jokes to distract us from our ridiculous adventure choice but we also decided post-bridge walk survival, we�d grab a pizza and a beer with them.


Needless to say, what complete gentleman. They were sweet, funny, eloquent, respectful and even offered to pay for both me and my mom when the meal came to an end. I kept politely suggesting that they should come back to the States with me, that we were in some serious need of good guys in my neck of the woods. While I think they assumed I was joking, I was silently sizing them up to see how many I could fit in my oversize suitcase.

It was refreshing to meet great guys with to-die-for Aussie accents. They had me the moment they said, “Is it true guys in America like their girls really, really skinny?” My reply, as I’m unapologetically shoving pizza in my face was, “Yeah, can you believe it?” To which they explained that to them, looks only mattered to a certain extent and they’d much rather have a healthy girl than a painfully thin one. My heart fluttered as they talked about how much more important it was for a girl to have a good personality and a good sense of humor.

The icing on the cake when it came to meeting these adorable boys was the once in a lifetime type of guy playing the guitar on the sidewalk as we returned from a long day trip checking out the Blue Mountains. For some reason in the States we think we have to choose between the gorgeous jerk, or the “cute” good guy. Ladies, we are selling ourselves short. The full package does exist. So if you’re losing hope (with good reason for some of you) trust me, they are out there.

I actually wanted to try and see how many I could convince to come home with me as my travel memorabilia. Although, I was planning on giving my ladies at iatg first dibs.Images courtesy of,

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