Finding my "Fight Song"

By Allison Annala, Regular ConributorAugust 11, 2015

I was out for a run yesterday (actually, a run walk), and just as I was about to stop and walk again, Rachel Platten’s hit song, “Fight Song,” came over my headphones.

It felt as though someone had cranked my body up to full throttle, and I was in a full out sprint for the next three minutes and twenty four seconds.

I hit repeat. Three more times.

I have completely fallen in love with this song. I can imagine that millions of people from all walks of life have joined me in making this song their own, personal anthem. As I was running, I felt a wave of confidence and an ocean of calm wash over me. I’ve come pretty far from the girl I used to be.


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Anxious, unsure, and afraid: that was how I lived my life. I ran back then too, but for a very different reason. Back then, I was a shell of the person I am now. I felt like my life was so far out of my control. So I ran. I ran because I could control how far I went. I ran because I could escape everything else. I ran to lose.

Now, I run to gain. There are so many benefits to exercise other than losing weight or calories. I run now for a challenge, for the energy I gain from exercising my body, and I do all of this without a thought of calories or pounds lost.

I think about everything I’ve overcome and know that there are people all over the world fighting a similar battle to the one I’ve won: girls with eating disorders, fighting desperately to feel like they are enough; athletes with injuries fighting through pain and rehab to get back into their normal selves; parents addicted to drugs who are fighting to get well for their kids; cancer patients fighting like hell just to see another day.

It doesn’t matter what you’re fighting… remember, “Everybody’s got something,” as Robin Roberts would say.

Know that you have the power to take back your life at any given moment. You are strong enough to fight until the very end. Believe in yourself. But when you have trouble, just turn on your iTunes to “Fight Song,” because even though Rachel Platten’s fight was different than mine, her words make a whole lot of sense to me… and I think you’ll like them too.

Thank you, Rachel Platten, for inspiring us with an anthem to persevere. We sure are glad you made it to the other side… and I am very grateful to take you with me on my journey.

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