Find Your Glow

Riddle me this; why is it always when I am the most sweaty, makeup-less, stinky and disheveled that I get the best compliments? This is as counterintuitive as anything I can imagine when every ounce of media is preaching that perfection reigns supreme. So I was in Whole Foods yesterday after an insane yoga session, dripping from a 95-degree room (why that makes sense I’m still not sure), when as I walked in Kelly (the best juice maker at the place) smiled and said, "Alexis, wow you are glowing!" Now my instinct was to say you're crazy or blind since I'd just glanced in the mirror moments before getting out of the car and silently begged that I wouldn't run into anyone I knew thinking I was not remotely up to par for public encounters.

My response was the usual, �No way; I mean I just came from yoga, so I�m disgusting.� Of course in all honestly, that's really just our subconscious fishing for more compliments. �Yeah, you just look bright and happy,� she said. Now part of it may very well be the recent 6�9� gentlemen that has quickly swept me off my feet, but before I give him too much credit, I�ll stick with the explanation that it�s because I�m learning to do me. Sounds silly to say, but it�s true. It�s only been in the past few months (amazing since I've been alive for 28 years now) that I have started to revel in who I am outside of what I do. I�m learning what I like, what I don�t like, my unique preferences, the things that make me smile, laugh, cry or get mad. Some people call it �being comfortable in your own skin,� which always sounded cliché to me, but actually accurately depicts my point.

I remember during the last few minutes of yoga class, sitting there in a pool of my own sweat being so grateful to myself (a daily �appreciation practice� I�m working on at the moment) for making the time to honor my body, to carve out an hour from my day to selfishly feed my mind and my spirit. Despite my makeup mask, perfectly curled hair as well as my latest adorable outfit, I waltzed into one of the biggest �places to be seen� in Austin as raw and vulnerable as possible. In that state, I (the real me) was visible beyond all the fluff because at the end of the day, all the other stuff really is just icing on the cake. Taking the time to figure out what matters to you, who you are and what makes you tick is far more gorgeous than anything you can apply or take off.

So my challenge to you is to uncover what makes you glow. Is it yoga, writing, long walks with friends, hugging your loved ones, relaxing in the sun reading that latest great book or getting lost in a new city? Whatever it is, go ahead and embrace because when you do you, that’s what really makes you glow from within and emanate resplendent shine. At the end of the day, if you’re focused on what makes you smile, you can’t help but attract people to showcase the beauty-full you and see past the sweaty, smelly, red-faced version. Find your glow, and do it often. Don’t forget to smile more, laugh more, and watch before your very eyes as you light up the whole world.

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