Find And Love Your Mentors!

By Stefs Lima, Guest Blogger

I love celebrities. Especially when they represent good examples for me. I have a strong connection with some famous people and there's no plausible explanation. All I know is that some affinities attract me to them. It's like find something about yourself or something that you wish for your life, and, then, BANG! You find those examples who turn to be your mentors.

Some celebrities inspire a lot of people to be better and to not give up, or to keep investing in something super awesome. This is incredible! In this world, I admire women and men)not just for being successful, not just for giving life to amazing characters, or for writing amazing books/songs. I love their journey and their honesty. When they let their true selves shine more than the famous part.

I love the way my famous mentors stand up for a good cause, the way they let their vulnerability speak out loud, the way they get angry when something is wrong, and how they encourage fans, or anyone, to fight and pursue dreams.

Céline Dion taught me to be powerful. J.K. Rowling showed me that in sadness you can write and achieve victory. And why not mention men like Neil Gaiman, a storyteller who inspires fans around the world to follow your dreams. 

Many famous women remind me that it's ok to be insecure. I already talked about how much Viola Davis inspires me. She passed through a lot before and during the fame process.

She always writes telling how she really feels. I admire her and others who do that– speak with no filter about what is really bothering them. This gives me strength and freedom to be and say whatever I want, because, at the end of the day, we all need the truth. We all need to be real. Because living by pretending is not a way to live. Not for me.


In ***Flawless, Beyoncé sings what her mentors, who still inspire her to be that fearless woman, have taught her. Everytime I hear this song, I remember how my mother still teaches me to not give up a fight, even when I feel pretty sure that I'm gonna lose. My sister captivates me with her persistence to change the game. My friends show me how amazing it is to pursue a dream. I love having these marvelous people as my beautiful examples in life.

My list of mentors is huge, really, but in short, I love these women and men, celebrities or not, for their compassion, their ability to ignite change and for being themselves.

We need people who inspire us to create what we believe and to share moments of happiness or sadness.

We're not here just passing by. We're here to change people's lives through our journey. My mentors are part of who I am. My examples in life. And I encourage you to increase this pile. It's pretty awesome! 

Like Alexis said: find your mentor. One day, or even now, you'll be the woman or the man
changing someone else’s life. It doesn't matter where you are right now, just be, speak, contribute. Use your inspirations to be a better you and to show the world how amazing you are.

Let's Chat! Who are mentors in your life? Tell us here!

About Stefs

STEFS_LIMA.jpgStefs Lima has her own world called Random Girl ( She is a journalist, lives in Brazil and spends a lot of her time writing (A LOT). Secret desires: continue to inspire people and create more and more stories to share. 

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