Female Emotions and the Presidency

By Rachel Benbrook Mason, Regular ContributorOctober 21, 2015


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Like many, I am so proud to turn on the television and see both Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina campaigning for president. I believe that when women see women seeking success in the business world, or in this case the highest office of political power in our nation, women can visualize themselves achieving as well. Having these powerful women seeking the highest office in the land can only open doors for more women to come forward in politics, business, and in all aspects of their communities.

Politics aside, these two women are paving the way for equality in our country and around the world.

That being said, it appears there is still a wide array of stigma against having a female president. Recently, the well known rapper, T.I, stated, “women are too emotional to be president.” He went on to say that their emotional capacities hinder their decision making skills, and he would not want to see a female president handling a situation of nuclear warfare.

 He also claimed, “A make believe creature could get in [office] before a woman.”

T.I has since apologized on his twitter account for his disrespectful remarks. However, I believe his statements showcase a wider belief that is still in existence in our society. Many nations have had female leaders who have paved the way for other women and led nations with great respect and success.  In fact, the United States is outnumbered when it comes to other nations who have democratically elected female leaders. Countries like Ireland, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, and Israel, just to name a few, have had female leaders who have successfully managed to implement policy, as well as handle national security.

Although the United States has never elected a female president, we have numerous women who have served as secretary of state and held offices at a high level. I believe the seemingly emotional perspective that T.I mentioned women bring to the table, can often serve as an extreme benefit to policy making and societal decisions. To say that women are too emotional to be president is derogatory and inherently false and sexist; however, I do believe that women can often bring a new perspective, which can result in better policy decisions, particularly regarding social issues. Having a female president would bring a new perspective to Washington and to the White House.

Regardless of your particular political views on the current female candidates, I believe their presence on the ballot only encourages other women to come forward and drive us towards the potential of seeing the first woman president.

T.I’s comments show the great need we have in our society for more women to come forward and participate in politics and policy to help shift these attitudes of sexism that still sadly seem to prevail.  Although I am thrilled about having two women running for president, I look forward to the day when this does not even seem out of the ordinary and when a women running for president seems common place instead of monumental.  In the meantime, I believe comments like T.I’s show us how much work is still left to be done in the constant struggle for full equality.

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