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By Danielle Meeker, Regular ContributorNovember 28, 2015


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The last time I really and truly got dressed up for something was back in June when I went to my cousin’s wedding. I felt beautiful, truly pretty. But that was June. Five months ago.

To be fair, as someone who works outside in the elements all day, makeup and nice hair feels extremely out of place. I mean, I’m in the water a lot of the time, and mascara would run into raccoon eyes in a matter of seconds. But five months is a heck of a long time to get all gussied up for something. I just don’t have a reason to. The next time it will happen will probably be the Christmas party for work in the next couple weeks. I think I’ll even wear the same dress and some killer nude heels.

Although I don’t always wear a dress, heels, or put on a face of makeup, it doesn’t mean I don’t feel pretty. I like to think of my style as trying to be current, but mostly just wanting to be comfortable. It’s jean shorts, tank tops, or long sleeves (if God forbid it gets below 80 degrees in Hawaii)…things that aren’t too tight or too constricting. I feel pretty wearing what is most comfortable, because it allows me to be myself. It lets me express my personality. It’s a choice I get to make. Just like whether or not I want to wear makeup is a choice. Whether or not I do, it doesn’t define me. It doesn’t define whether or not I am beautiful.

I feel just as pretty in sweatpants as I do in a dress worth hundreds of dollars.

Know why? Because pretty isn’t only skin deep. It’s not only about how you look, what you wear, or what you do with your face. It’s about the inside as much as the outside. Because think about it; certain clothes are going to go out of style and you’ll age, but your personality will carry you through for years to come.

So let it shine! Go out in whatever you want, and let your personality breakthrough for everyone to see.

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